Wednesday, March 29, 2006

First Migraine

Last night I wrote that post about grieving, etc. I did not have the energy to tell something else that had happened earlier. I am amazed that I had the energy to even write what I did!

After the counseling session yesterday, we stopped at the grocery store for a few things to add to the chili I was making. When we were driving in to the parking lot, I was suddenly having trouble seeing. It was like when you look at a bright light and then a big spot of brightness stays there for a while. I hate when that happens!

This time was different though. Also, pretty much immediately, my head started hurting pretty bad. Just in the front, right in the middle of my forehead. When we were trying to purchase things, I could only see things to the far right, or far left. I was wanting to buy Romaine Lettuce and was amazed that it was only $0.49. Jock was there and looked at me strangely and said, " is $1.49." I looked over to the left and could see the "$1" but that was all I saw. It was not connected to anything. The pain was getting worse and we rushed home.

I ended up struggling to stay awake and went to bed at 4. I asked Brain to watch everyone and be sure to finish the one chore I needed him to do. The next thing I knew, Stud was in our bedroom asking what was going on and what should he do to help with supper. It was 6:30.

I asked him to boil some rice to have with the chili and I eventually got up when he called us to the table. My head was still hurting off and on, but my sight was fine.

Brain said that they had all talked to me when I was asleep and that I had even gone to the bathroom once! I have no memory of any of that. He said that Clown asked if he could go outside and I said "No!" very firmly. So they all thought I was awake and came in to talk to me.

I was telling my friend about it today. She is a nurse. She told me that it was a certain kind of migraine. I always thought they were incredibly painful, it never occurred to me that is what it could be. I had not taken anything at all, it was not that bad. It just wore me out and I could not stay awake.

On top of all that, I have diagnosed myself with ADD. LOL I will ask my Doc, when I go to her soon. It all makes sense, though. I went to a web site and was reading about it and I am pretty certain that I have it. Everything makes sense now. Why I go off on tangents when I talk. Why I have always started something and it seldom gets finished and I go on to something else. Why there is clutter all over my house and I am overwhelmed with everything. Why I snap at my kids and people always say, "Relax, Laura. Take a deep breath." Why I was in trouble at school and could not focus or remember anything. Why I STILL can't remember anything. Fascinating, really.

Ok, need to get to bed so I can get up and walk some more. I love to walk early in the morning. Stud has talked of maybe starting to get up and go with me. That would be neat!

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clairesgarden said...

they seem to have a lot of information on ADD in children, but no information of people who grow up without having been diagnosed, I wonder what your doctorr will think of your self diagnosis? If I have been crying a lot then I get headache, sleeping it off is the best thing I think, Brain sounds like he will be ok being left in charge for that time,