Friday, March 24, 2006


My poor babies!

Last Friday Clown and Princess had a swimming birthday party to go to. Princess had been complaining of tummy aches and while we were there, she developed quite a fever and was just miserable. The fever broke on Saturday. Her eyes were all red and funny looking and ran and watered like crazy. They weren't itchy, though. She still complained of tummy ache and could not eat.

Then it was Clown's turn. We felt bad for him, but tired of the rolling around and flailing about, yelling that his tummy "felt weird". They seemed hungry but nauseous simultaneously. He had a fever for a short time and said his eyes were itchy. No redness or running like Princess's, but just itchy. Princess gagged and heaved a few times Sunday morning, but never actually vomited. I think that gagging was only because she had eaten so little all weekend, that she needed food. I get like that if it has been a long time since I ate. Once she ate some cereal, she seemed to feel a lot better.

Brain has been coughing up a storm as the others were a few weeks ago and is doing the nebulizer quite a bit. Took Princess to the Doc on Monday, she had a rough weekend. Diagnosis?? Some viral thing, just watch and keep an eye. Brain has no fever yet and eats fine. He had felt weak last week and I had to get him early from his Thursday classes and he missed his Friday morning Science class. Yes, I remember now. He had this whatever it is first. Then that afternoon, Princess started getting worse at the party. I had been trying to decide if I should take them or not, but they were SO excited!

Now Jock has a fever of 102.9. That is VERY high for my kids. I have a friend whose daughter(incidentally, it is the child whose party we went to) develops fevers within minutes and they go so high that she has had convulsions. They come on so suddenly, I have never heard anything like it! Anyway, I am keeping an eye on Jock. I will have to leave him home when I take Brain to Science class. Or I may take him and he can sleep in the van or something. We shall see. His end of the hockey season Pizza Party is tonight. He gets his trophy and awards and has been SO looking forward to this, I hope he can go.

Just wanted to add that on here, with those pictures that he and Princess took of each other last week.

They had a good time. There are a lot of pictures to sort through. I decided on these ones.

Jock also took some yesterday on our way to pick Brain up from his classes. The mountains were very clear and he took some of those. The camera he likes to use is not the best one, though. I am not happy with how it takes pictures. The one Princess has is the better camera. Jock prefers the other, because it is more compact. He is not concerned with quality! LOL

Princess sat on the couch, snapping pictures of her feet and legs! I think she is pleased with the pedicure she got a few weeks ago when her Dad took her for "special time". Each of us tries to spend time with each kid individually at least a few times a month. We call it "Special Time" and the kids get to choose what we will do. She was tickled that her Daddy agreed to take her for a pedicure!!! She loves the flowers the lady painted on her big toes.

Princess fell asleep on the couch last night, and Jock did not have energy to go down stairs to sleep in the Rec Room like they always do on Thursday nights. So he slept in her bed up here. He just called me for more water. His fever has gone down a bit, but I know he will spend a lot of time in bed today. I need to go and wake Brain and Clown up so we can get going to Science class. I don't want them to miss another week! Especially when the teacher was able to get some liquid nitrogen for today's class!

Have a great weekend everyone! I am still shocked that anyone reads my ramblings! LOL


clairesgarden said...

well I hope you all have a great weekend too,

sillygirl said...

I read em and love your ramblings! Sorry the kids are so sick. Rob is sick right now too and I freak out because I am SO not able to be sick right now. Too much to do!