Sunday, March 05, 2006


We have been having quite the conversation on another blog about abortion. Very, very interesting. There are some well educated people out there. I am impressed. I certainly need to educate myself more than I am.

Just wanted to post my two babies (guess I can't call them that much longer, eh?? *sniff*) on the way to church this morning. Don't they clean up nice???

So in local news here at home we have the following-

We are leaning toward putting all of the kids in public school this coming fall. Try it AGAIN for a year, see if things work better this time. We have had them home for four years straight now, maybe five?? Can't remember. Anyway, I need a break, they need to experience something totally new, and we are thinking of attempting it again. We are excited about it. Well, the kids are not! LOL But Stud and I are.

A yeast infection that I had about a month ago is back with a vengeance! LOL Or maybe it never totally went away. No, I am not shy about these things. Not normally, anyway. Bloody thing. I hope it decides to vacate for GOOD this time. Stupid thing, I have only had one other one, when I was about 18. Nothing since, until now. ARG!!!

The kids are all coughing and hacking up a storm. We have Clown on steroids and he and Princess both on strong cough syrup. Almost all of them are doing the nebulizer. Princess was at the Doc last week because she sounded a bit croupy, but it never did turn into that. We have had her showering, which helps a bit but she fights. She prefers to laze about in the bathtub and play with her Barbies and write with her bath crayons.

Jock still has an eye infection. Dern kid won't keep his fingers out of his eyes. He always sticks his fingers RIGHT IN the eye, touches the sensitive tissue. Then can't seem to figure out why his eyes won't heal when he is always introducing more germs in there!?!??! INFURIATING!

Tried to make a pot roast in the crock pot to have a nice hot meal to come home from church to. Stupid thing isn't even CLOSE to done, even though Stud put it in there at 7 this morning. Yes, you all read correctly. Those of you who know him will be shocked!! LOL I left instructions written in detail for him. I did not want to get up as early as he needed to so that he could play guitar during the first service. Since he needed to be up anyway, we decided he could try his hand at this. I think the crock pot is too old or something. Can that happen??

Stud is in some small skits at church tonight. They are doing a dessert theatre and we need to leave here just after 5 to get there in time. So we can't even eat the roast for supper:( WWWAAAAA!!!!! He has to be AT church by 3, so there is no way he can have any. It will be fun, they do improv stuff and it is always really enjoyable. We have some really talented people at our church.

Friends of ours have joined with us to so that we can each go out as couples once a week. We were going to do every other week. They watched our kids last Saturday night and we went to a movie. Then last night we watched theirs and they went. We both would like to do it every week, so that our night is Friday and theirs is Saturday or something along those lines. We are really excited. Brain is old enough to leave with them, but as you saw in previous posts, we can't really leave Jock. This puts our minds at ease the and kids are all together playing and having a grand old time!!!

So those are some pretty major things going on. I need to get off of here and we are all going for a walk together before Stud leaves for the church.


Maggie Ann said...

What beautiful kids you have! It's nice to 'meet' you. Thanks for visiting me at knitting kat and leaving a comment. It's really late...I'm such a night owl and am trying to change that so I mustn't stay online long. Thought I'd come by and say Hi. Hope your children feel better soon. Happy Tuesday to you.

clairesgarden said...

its the season for coughs and colds, I have a runny nose, everybody at work has it, we're blaming the boss for bringing it in last week! I am taking vitamin C and echinaica(I'm not sure if I am spelling that right but I have no energy to get up and check the packet). schools, luckily my daughter was at two very good primary schools, the second one especially a small village school with great teachers, and she has done four years now at high school and may do another 1-2 years, i dont think its all been plain sailing but I am glad she has learned these coping skills to go out into the world with. my friends son did not cope well with his last couple of years in primary and was then sent to a fee paying christian school where the children seem 'nicer', possibly from their background of christian familys, he got on great there and is continuing with high school education there. I dont know if its the combination of child, school, teachers, where they come from but children seem a bit harsher nowadays.