Wednesday, March 22, 2006

"Hump Day" update

Princess is so excited! Stud stayed home from work today and is taking her to her dance class! She has been hoping this would happen for a long time. I have suggested it to him various times, when he has worked from home on a Wednesday and he has not been able to do it. Today he said he can and she is beside herself with excitement!

He is working from home because he and I need to go to Sylvan to get the results from Jock's assessment last week. Since we have been "unschooling" for three years, we wonder where Jock is in his math skills. We are of the belief that the kids will learn all that they need to learn, eventually. They may not learn the same things at the same time as their peer group in public school. However, WHEN they do, they will actually be ready to understand it and it will stick, not just be "in one ear and out the other". That is what happened to me! LOL I memorized what I thought I would need to know for an exam and then promptly forgot it. It meant nothing to me. We want better than that for our kids.

However, since I need them in PS next year, we don't want him to go in there way behind the other kids. So we had him assessed and are going to find out the results this morning. The main thing we want to know, is how to present concepts to him so he will learn best. We think we basically know his learning style, but wanted it figured out by people trained in that area. Then we can work with him better. Stud and I seem to be confusing him with our different styles and ways of teaching. So Stud is coming with me to hear it first hand and then we can work together to help Jock enjoy math more. I want him not only to learn, but to enjoy it as much as possible and have a good time! He loved the assessment and has asked to go back. We cannot afford to have him tutored there, unfortunately. It is THOUSANDS of dollars.

Stud also took Brain to work with him yesterday and then got him to his appointment with the surgeon. Brain has gained NINE POUNDS!! PRAISE GOD!! We are thrilled and hope he gains another nine in another two weeks. Who knows, though. I just would love for him to be in the 80 lb range soon and maybe even high nineties or even (dare I dream it???) ONE HUNDRED by fall. I was only 98 pounds when I got married, so I guess I need to chill on the dreaming of him gaining weight. But he IS a guy and he IS about as tall as me, and by fall I am sure will be a few inches taller. So 100 is not very unrealistic, I don't think. Is it???

I will close with some photos that Jock and Princess were taking of each other the other night, with different cameras. Clown has finished much of the school work he wanted to do, need to prepare our study of the human body and get going on "Colonial America".

Ok, all the ones through this post are ones that Jock took. The camera Princess used has not been unloaded yet. Will get some of those posted in a few days. I can't seem to stop them from being staggered like this. Ah well.

This is Brain and Jock when Brain was almost 4 and Jock was 18 months. I think Jock really likes this picture:) He remembers when it was just the two of them and they got along really well. There was seldom any conflict (unless I have blocked those years out??) until we had four and things really got nuts. The ironic part is the chaos is caused by Brain and Jock, not the younger two! Maybe it was inevitable.

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clairesgarden said...

Great photographs, I look forward to seeing more. Brain's weight gain is relly good, especialy after one of the surgeons told you he might lose weight?