Monday, March 27, 2006

Girls talk too much

Apparently this is some news that Jock has shared with Stud.

DORK!!! HE talks more than the other three kids combined! Stud and I went out yesterday and at one point (likely when I was yapping a mile a minute and this is what made him think of it! LOL) he chuckled and shared this with me. One day when he was taking Jock to work with him, Jock commented how he liked riding with his Dad in the car, as opposed to all of us in the van, because it is quieter.

DUH! That is because HE is not yapping. LOL

I am trying to listen to music and he talks. I shut it off so that I can hear him and I comment, etc. Then I ask if he would like to talk, or should we have music?? No no, music is fine, he assures me. Back on. Within a minute - "Oh, just one more thing, Mum." On it goes for the duration of the trip. Many times I just don't even bother with music. It seems THOSE are the times he has nothing to say.

Yet apparently his sister and I talk too much!?!?! He never SAID this, but he certainly implied it in the comment he made to his Dad.

Stud and I went out yesterday and had a lovely time. We went to Starbucks and then went for a short walk on a trail called...I can't recall. Something about Japanese something. It was pretty wet, so we left and went to Home Depot to see what new kitchen faucet and dishwasher we may purchase with the tax return money. That was very fun!

Then it was off to see "The Inside Man" with Clive Owen (I list him first as he is the best looking guy EVER, or at least one of them) Denzel Washington (also HOT) and then Jodie Foster or some such woman. Who knows. Whatever. But it was really pretty good.

We also made time to go eat at P.F. Changs. YUM. We have been wanting to have a meal there for some time, and the last time we went out, we tried. The wait was an hour and a half! Last night it was only 10 minutes and was still packed. It was very yummy, we shall certainly go back.

Just wanted to add a quick something. Clown and I are off to play Stratego while Jock and Brain do their math lessons on the computers and Princess...well, I guess she can watch. She actually played me last week and creamed me. *sigh* FIVE years old, second time playing the game and the girl slaughtered me. She actually knows what she is doing, puts a lot of thought into each move and takes her time. Pretty impressive, I thought.

Peace Out.

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sillygirl said...

Sounds like you had an awesome date. I haven't had a date in ages....*cough* Rob what is your problem!? Oh, and Clive Owen is SO HOT! You're so right! For an older guy though. He might have to be added to my "List of Middle Aged Men in Hollywood that are Hot", just underneath Hugh Laurie of course ;)