Friday, March 31, 2006

Fibroid Tumors


Apparently, I got 'em.

I have an ultrasound this coming Monday, to see how many, how big and confirm that is what is in the ole uterus. I am sure it is, though. Not sure why that never occurred to me. I was thinking possibly colon cancer or something, since my Dad has that. I keep forgetting to get checked and junk, so I wondered. I knew SOMETHING was growing in there and in the way. The past few days it has gotten REALLY uncomfy. It is painful and annoying to sit down, feels like something is totally in the way. It has been driving me nuts since October or so, but got just very distracting and annoying this week.

I have gone to the Doc 3-4 times since January and she kept on telling me it was yeast infections. Just kept giving me meds. Spent over $100 on meds, matter of fact. Obviously I had that also, but you would think she would have found this out, as easily as the guy I went to yesterday did. I kept on telling her there was pressure and it felt like an early pregnancy. Well, NO WONDER! LOL I am hoping for a 10 pounder! teehee

So that is going on. Be nice to find out how they plan on getting those (or it, but I picture many) out of there. Stud and I read up on it and SO MANY women have these things and don't even know it. Well, I clearly know it, so they better not dilly dally around and act like a bunch of pills will shrink them (or it) or something. I don't want to do that. I am hoping they will get in there and get them (it) out of there!

Feel the need to post a few pics I snapped of me babes from last night and then I will sign off. On our way to Science class and may need to go to a museum or the zoo after that. Memberships are due to expire soon. Also need to buy curtain rods and curtains for Clown and Jock's room. We are redoing it and it is almost done. Will post before/after pics soon.

Brain was still eating when I started snapping of the others. If dude is going to eat, we don't try to stop him or distract him, you know what I am saying??? So I took individual ones of the other three, and ones of them together, etc.

Then Brain came in, and right as I was starting off with some of he and Clown, my friend Q called and I stopped to talk to her and never got back to it. I wanted some of all of them together and stuff. Will do that soon. Brain's hair has never been this long before. I love to see all the curls come out!

Have a great weekend!


islandarts said...

Best of luck with the fibroids. I worked with a lady who had a 27 lb one removed. Can you believe that??? She said she looked pregnant for nearly 10 years. Lordy.

Cute photos of the kids too!!

clairesgarden said...

nice photo's of the kids, hope your scan goes ok, doctors are so frustrating, here they all seem overworked and if I go in with a problem I just end up feeling sorry for them!

Lowa said...

TWENTY SEVEN POUNDS!?!?! I have gained 35 in the past 4 years or so. One can hope, eh?? LOL No, I know most of it is fat and flubber. But I sure would like at least a 5 pounder. Things sure are swollen and uncomfy.

Yes, Docs, tick me off much of the time. Hard to find a good one.

Thanks for the compliments on the kids. There will be plenty more to come. Princess's dance recital is in a few more months, anxious to post some of those photos!