Sunday, March 19, 2006


Well, I spent almost an hour the other night, close to a week ago, trying to get some photos and a short video posted on here. I tried three times and it refused to work! So I will send you elsewhere to view the video if you so desire.

Jock had his final practice of the season last week. They had a scrimmage with another team and were having a pretty nice time. There is another boy on that team who has been tormenting Jock all season. Any time they played together, he would swear at Jock. It is so sad, the kid has a filthy mouth. He would follow him all over the ice and just be tripping him, slashing, etc etc.

So finally last week at one point, he slashed Jock and Jock had enough. We got it on video. Not only did he slash him, he called him an "F-ing moron." I am glad he will not allow people to push him around. He can be a smart mouth and have attitude at home, but I constantly get complimented about his behaviour outside the house. He is polite, respectful, kind and thoughtful, etc etc. He is that at home too, don't get me wrong. It is just that the kid is an absolute angel anywhere he goes and people just love him. He is funny and a joy to be around. Whenever I make comments about his mouth at home, people seem totally shocked!

He has many many friends and I know will be very popular at school next year. This is also why I am glad he will stick up for himself and not allow people to push him around or mistreat others. He can be shy at times, but will speak up or (as you can see from this video clip) react physically if need be. You will need to go to Stud's blog at

because it refuses to work for me here.

He is the one in red. It seems to me that he was just going to take it again, and was skating away and then thought better of it and went back for the pay back time! It doesn't show in the video, but he went back over right away and explained what happened to the coach.

So his team's season was over, but he was asked to play on another team for a tournament they had made it to this weekend. He agreed and then found out they did not need him for his regular position so he was not wanting to do it. Stud said something to them and they said they needed him and their own players would move around, they HAD to have Jock.

So I took him yesterday morning to the one game he was going to play in. After the game he was talking to some kid outside the locker room at one point and the kid was pretty rude. Jock was just talking all nicely to him and later the kid went away and I was thinking how rude he was when Jock told me "HE is the one who swore at me all season!" Jock defended him and said "He is just mad because coach wouldn't let him play any more that game since he was being mean and pushing the team mates around on the bench." Sounds like the kid needs an attitude adjustment BIG TIME. I feel so bad for him, wonder what is going on with him.

They lost that game but the coaches and team mates BEGGED Jock to stay and play in the next one. I had left Stud home painting Jock and Clown's bedroom and we had an appointment to get to at 3:30. I said that I could not come back and get him and they offered to take him home. Stud knows them well and some of them had been on Jock's team last year, so I felt totally fine doing that. Turns out they won the next game and Jock got two goals and I MISSED IT!!!!

So they wanted him to play in the next game this morning. We were all going to go but most of the kids are sick. I didn't know if I should leave Brain watching Princess and Clown when they are both sick, but he seemed fine with it. So Stud and I took Jock. Stud got to be in the box and take great video. They creamed the other team 13-1 and Jock got a hatrick! We told him before the game if he got one he would get $5 and a latte. Hopefully Stud will explain more and better on his blog how they needed Jock and how he helped the team. Jock was explaining to me how the coaches asked him to do such and such to set so and so up for a goal and he went out and did it. Some of the girls had not gotten a goal all season and Jock was to try to set them up for one and he tried and I don't think it worked. That is part of why they wanted him, their regular players don't have some of the strengths Jock has or something. I don't understand it all, all I know is my baby is a great in demand player and has a blast doing it!!!! They all kept on saying how they wish they had had him all season and they knew what a great player he is and that is why they wanted his help this weekend.

Jock LOVED playing with this team. There were three girls on this one, as opposed to just the one on his regular team. I found it interesting that during the game yesterday, when he got hurt badly and was laying on the ice for close to two minutes (and I was having a mild coronary as we all waited and the coach checked him over) that the first people to him were his female team mates. They hovered like worried little mothers, it was SO CUTE!!! Everyone was so nice and welcoming to him. He says he felt like a star and they all really appreciated his help and they kept going on about it. He said the coaches are encouraging and don't call him names. His head coach has called him names all season and it really bothers him.

He moves up to Pee Wee in the fall. Gonna be a fun season. He was making brownies tonight and teared up when he spoke of the season being over and how he wishes he had been with such a nice team all season. We hope to get him on a team with some of them this coming season. And he has camps all summer, hopefully some of them will be there.

Clown is trying to sleep in our bedroom here with me typing and he can't. I need to get in bed and cuddle with him and he will go off to dream land I know.

Next post will not be all about hockey!!!

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