Saturday, March 11, 2006

Friday Excursion

Yesterday after Science Class, I surprised the kids with a trip the Seattle Aquarium. It has been 4 or 5 months since we went and we need to make use of our membership. I can't remember when it expires, but it is within the next few months, I think. So we need to run down there a few times a month at least. They just love it and I adore watching their faces light up when they see the fur seals or otters flitting all over. Even Brain never tires of it:)

We had a rushed trip yesterday. Did not get down there until 2 pm and had to be back up North (where we live) by 5:30 so Jock could make it to hockey practise.

You will note here, standing under some salmon, Jock is explaining in detail something he learned on a field trip to a Salmon ladder one time. He may be a jock, but he is a smart one:) LOL

Jelly fish are so amazing!!!

I took many photos, but have narrowed it down to some of my favourites to share with you fine folks. They REALLY love the Octopus. Brain and Princess especially enjoy talking to it. After the Aquarium, we ran across the street and up the many steps to Pike Place Market.

Princess with her buddy. Note the fake tatoos on her face and neck. She earned those this past week for exceptional behaviour. Clown earned the Power Rangers wallet with chain that you may be able to detect in his front jeans pocket. They have been AMAZING with their attitude. I asked Clown to unload the dishwasher the other day. He was conversing with a sibling and did not hesitate. Just said "Ok Mom" and kept talking as he unloaded. They have both had their beds made, been dressed and ready for breakfast and devotions every morning this week. They have not fought and Clown took it upon himself to dust the living room furniture yesterday!?!?! They are just amazing and deserved a reward. So we played "hot and cold" and they found their treats throughout the house. I love doing things like that. Princess also got a doll she has been wanting really badly for months. Has to do with a "Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus" DVD. Clown got some bubble gum and pez dispenser.

No trip to Pike Place is complete without a photo of people sitting on the famous brass pig. Not that you cannot really see much of the pig itself. Who is kidding who, my kids are MUCH nicer to look at:) I did not even notice that until I looked at the photo now. I thought I got more of the pig in the shot! OH WELL!

So there you are. Brain and Jock are trying to be nice, I am sure. They are fighting the hormones, so I try to cut them a little slack. I remember. It is no fun at that age. Brain has been much better about doing his school assignments and even Jock is having a better attitude and not complaining. Which is nice. However attitude is still not hard to come by.

Brain won a Gameboy SP from a gogurt tube (yogurt in a tube for you people who are scratching your heads) weeks ago and it came in the mail this week. They are all sharing it and were great about that yesterday on the drive down to Seattle.

Today we are working in de-cluttering and cleaning Jock and Clown's room. We will start painting next weekend and get things ship shape in there. Maybe I will post before and after pictures. It is quite the sight right now!!!

Later tonight, Stud and I are going on a date. The kids with have fun with their friends at their house and then Stud and I can have some time to converse without constant interruptions. So we are looking forward to that!

Ok, will try to be better about posting. I am just keeping my computer off a lot of the time and doing more fun things with the kids.

Have a great weekend, everyone!!!


clairesgarden said...

the aquarium looks great, what an interesting day out,

HomemakerAng said...

this looks awesome! we go to the shedd in chicago a few times a year, but this one you went to looks better! I love the Octopus