Sunday, March 26, 2006

They seem to be better!


My kids are better. Poor Jock missed his pizza party on Friday night. Somehow he managed to gather the energy to play in a 3 on 3 thing they had yesterday morning after awards.

Clown and Brain did not want to go, but Princess wanted to jump in the "jumpy things". So we dragged her and ended up being there from 11-3:30 or so. She was bored to tears, as was I. Jock was bored later when Stud was playing a coaches game. I kept on telling him to go play with his friends, but he didn't have any energy left. He just wanted to go home and sleep.

Jock took her out to play on the inflatables off and on, as did I. Wanted to save the table that we got so we could see down into the rink without having to go sit in there in the cold. So sometimes Jock took her outside for more fun, and sometimes he stayed at the table looking through the yearbook while I took her out there.

I never realised how small my kids are. It lists weight and height of the kids in this yearbook. There is a guy who used to be in Brain's class when he attended Public school. This kid is not big, he appears to be one of the smallest on his team. He weighs more than me, more than twice as much as Brain and is 8 inches taller than Brain. There are kids younger than Jock who weigh 40 and 50 lbs more and are 5 and 6 inches taller!?!? I knew Brain was pretty small and scrawny, but I did not think Jock was all that small. He is a few inches shorter than Brain, but weighs about 5 lbs more. Brain is 2 years and 7 months older than Jock.

So yeah, I found that interesting. I really hope Brain gains lots of weight and grows at least 4 or 5 inches by fall. His appetite has not really increased. I keep on trying to get him to drink ensure and things like that, but he refuses. *sigh*

I bought "Chicken Little" and if you bought a Chicken Little game for PS2 (which Brain has) or Gabecube (which we don't have) then you got a $10 gift card. So I bought the one for PS2 and told Brain and Jock they can earn it. I said that Brain will need to let Jock play it, even though the PS2 is his. He agreed. I told them today what they need to do to earn it and Brain looked at Jock and said, "It would be easier to just buy it from her, don't you think??" Jock nodded his agreement.

*GASP* What kind of people am I raising!?!?!? You want to know what they need to do to earn it??

Ok, get ready, it is radical and "out there".

I said that for the next week, they need to do what school work I assign AND their chores by a predetermined time each day without one word of complaint and without me needing to say one word to remind them. Their counselor has suggested this. She says I spend too much of my time reminding them of things. I have enough to do and this is one reason I am getting burnt out and looking into them going into Public school in the fall. She said it is not unreasonable for them to have things done by certain times. If they do not, they get extra school work/chores. They had agreed before that this is reasonable. They complain when I remind them of things, yet if I don't, nothing gets done.

I realise that they are male, and they have that against them from the start. I can't fault them for that, (I am only half way kidding here, by the way) but I also know they are old enough that this is not acceptable. So I told them they can buy it if they want, (little do they know I will raise the price to $100 and they won't have permission to play it *evil laugh*) but we are "cracking down" on this nonsense of not being responsible.

Although something strange happened yesterday. When I came back from taking Jock to see "Eight Below", Brain had unloaded the Dishwasher and loaded it up again. I was surprised. I had not asked him to do that. I was sure there was no way it was him, so I asked Stud if he had done it before we left or something. Nope. He was as shocked as me. So there IS hope! LOL

Yesterday after the awards/games, etc, I took Princess to the Pet Store. She has been wanting to go, so we went and took our time looking at little critters. We think we may get some wee mice for her to have as pets. Stud joked than when Brain has enough money to buy the ball python he is saving for, that we can feed her mice to it. She did not find that amusing at all. MEN!!

Stud played in a hockey game last night also. Since he had to be at the Pizza Party on Friday night, we have not gone on our twice monthly date. Our friends will come watch the kids this afternoon so we can do on a date. I think we will drive up to Deception Pass or something and go out to eat somewhere.

Hope everyone has had a great weekend!!!

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clairesgarden said...

a python and mice? is that a good combination? . . .
hope you had a good afternoon off and went somewhere nice