Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Well, I have had some less boring, more "clever" ideas to post about.

They have escaped me at the moment, so I will just post some pictures of Jock putting beads in Princesses hair yesterday.

She has been wanting this bead thing and her Daddy kept on forgetting to give her weekly allowance to her. She kept on saying that she wanted to buy this hair beading thing, but Stud kept forgetting. I just lent her the money this weekend and we rushed out to buy it. She is very pleased with it and Jock loves to do her hair.

What bead do you want to go on next???

What a sweet older brother!!

We are off to the park on the lovely Spring day. They have not gotten as much "school" work done as I wanted, but who cares!?!? You only live once, may as well have as much fun as possible.


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The Ramblin Irishman said...

You know if you put those beads in your hair and then start running they start swinging and the next thing you know you have poked yourself in the eye with a swinging bead. The moral of my story; don' run it will make your eyes hurt.:)