Sunday, April 02, 2006

Nothing Much

We all went out to brunch yesterday around 10 or 10:30. There is a new restaurant down the street that we have been wanting to try out. Clown and Brain were too hungry before we left, so had some cereal. Insisted they would not eat anything when we got there.

Clown was reading the menu, smelling the smells, seeing the plates with yummy food and changed his tune. He ordered eggs, bacon, hasbrowns and some fresh fruit. The child would live on fruit alone if allowed. Which is of course great, I am not complaining, just saying. He ate almost all of it, too. Except that Jock reached across the table and snuck pieces of fruit. He did not like the eggs (they were too slimy, not dry like mine) but Stud shared some of his french toast with him. All in all, we enjoyed it. I was not impressed with the hashbrowns. Clown barely touched his, now that I remember. They were not cooked through enough, which seems to be a risk one always takes when ordering those. Fresh squeezed OJ, home made everything. Was pretty good! Princess got a "Teddy Bear Pancake", which was a big bear face, with fruit for eyes/mouth, etc. Of course she gave those to Clown!

From there, it was on to shop for Curtain Rods and Curtains for Clown and Jock's room. Clown and I found some that he liked the other day at Target, but I forgot to drag Jock from the video game section later and show him as well. So he needed to see and see if they agreed. Turns out they do! They are really quite nice. Dark metal (or metal looking) with red glass mosaic egg shaped finials on the ends. Got them red curtains. Stud was shocked at how much everything cost (we got the cheapest we could possibly get) so I am hoping he sees first hand and won't grumble and groan so much from now on when I purchase things.

We loaded up on candy and were off to see "Ice Age 2: The Meltdown". Very nice! We really enjoyed it. Stud and I vowed not to take the kids to a movie again for a long time, but other than that, it was fine.

It is honestly mainly Jock. The child cannot keep his mouth shut or leave anyone alone. *sigh* Sometimes he and Brain get in moods that seem to be labeled "Let's pick on the younger two for any small little thing, see how much trouble we can get into and how we can scar them emotionally."

Jock has the gift of not hearing anything. Also of not remembering anything that is said to him 3 seconds after the fact. And also of miraculously not recalling any name he has called anyone, one second later. Not only does he not remember, he instinctively denies it.

Our friends Giggles and Smiley came last night, so their parents could go out. I was upstairs and heard Jock say "Moron!" I waited and turned out Stud (who was down there with them) was obviously not doing anything about it. Found out later that even though he was there with them, he did not hear it!?! LOL Maybe he had the drill running when it happened, I dunno. Anyway, I went downstairs to find Jock in his bedroom, watching Stud put the curtain rods up.

"Who did you call 'Moron'??", I asked.

Blank look (yet I could tell he was amazed at my range of hearing) and then "Clown said that to ME first, so then I said it back!?!?!"

Now sometimes this does happen. I will catch one at something, or one will even tattle on a sib and it turns out they did it first. Lately, Clown has been into name calling, since Jock sets such an awesome example at it. I still stress how we make out own choices and can choose NOT to say whatever or do whatever.

So I went out to the Rec room, where the other 5 kids were.

"Who called who a name???"

EVERY KID said "Jock called Clown a Moron."

"Did Clown say that to Jock or anyone else??"

Unanimous. Nope, Jock is the only one who said it.

*sigh* So I go back in his room and tell him the verdict. Immediately, he claims it is because Smiley and Giggles don't like him, so of course they will say that. Hmmmm...interesting. Smiley and Giggles actually REALLY like him. Wonder why Giggles invited him to a party at his church last week?? Wonder why they always want to play with him???

Apparently, I was the same way as a kid. Could never accept responsibility for anything I did. Argued about everything. Talked non-stop. So somehow, my poor baby has inherited habits that cause him to infuriate everyone!!!

Missing church AGAIN today. *sigh* NO matter how hard I try, I can't get things together the past few weeks. I even end up cleaning and doing laundry on Sundays, which horrifies me. My family always stressed (well I guess mainly it was my Mum) that you DO NOT do that on Sundays. I even have a book about keeping the Sabbath Holy and having a big meal on Saturday and using paper dishes on Sundays to ensure no work is done, etc. I can just never get around to putting it into action!! ARG! SO FRUSTRATING!

I am SO EXCITED about my ultrasound tomorrow. I can't wait to see what all is in there and what the course of action will be. Right at the moment, I am sitting here fine and it is not really bugging me. Seems odd. Some days it is horribly uncomfy and some days I hardly am aware that anything is out of the ordinary.

Must sign off for now!!!!

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islandarts said...

Good luck witht he Ultrasound, I'm really interested as to what they find?? Does that sound weird or Rude to say???