Monday, April 03, 2006

Fibroids?? Perhaps not.

Well, that was interesting.

I went to my ultrasound appointment this afternoon. After 20 minutes of her doing the external scanning, she told me to empty my bladder while she asked someone for help.

"Is something wrong??" I asked.

"Oh, not at all. I am just having trouble finding your right ovary."

Uh huh.

So I went back in and laid down again and she came in and said she would try to find it internally. *sigh* GREAT! The doctor I went to last week said that he did not think they would need to do this. He had no idea my ovary wanted to hide though, either.

After another 20 minutes, that seemed like at least an hour, she said I better empty my bladder again. When I came back, there was another woman in there.

I laid down and they started AGAIN. There was muttering and mumbling.

"Do you see THAT???"

"Yes, did you measure it??"

"No, I did not do a package on it."

"That's alright, I will get a package."

Much blipping and beeping and more measuring and probing. After about 5 minutes, the newer one asks me "Do you feel more uncomfortable on one side as opposed to another??"

" I feel pressure directly in the middle, like an early pregnancy. But sometimes it is also very tender and uncomfortable to sit. Feels like something long is right in the middle and is bending when I try to sit. Just feels like pulling or something."

She implied that that all made sense. Then they started uttering various medical terms and talking about how she will call it this and if the radiologist calls it something else, that is fine, he can change it, but she thinks it is such and such. I asked what that meant she said something about along the side of or on the edge of. Which did not answer much for me! LOL

At one point one of them said something about "Does that look like a fibroid to you?? I can't tell." The other leaned over to her and mumbled something and then the other one nodded. She acted kind of surprised that she spotted something that looked like a fibroid. Which makes me wonder WHAT on earth they DID find??

Like, did they ever find my ovary!?!? LOL

Asked how many kids I have and seemed surprised that I have not had any C-sections. Another FIFTEEN MINUTES of probing. Told me to wait and they would see what "HE" said (wonder who this mysterious HE is??) and if he wanted to come look for himself.

About 5 minutes later they came in and said I could leave.

ONE HOUR!?!? I had an internal ultrasound back in '90 or '91 when I had some ovarian cysts. And it lasted about 5-10 minutes. I was more nervous then and had not had any kids or anything that invasive done before. Was really scared and you would think that it would seem to take a long time, even if it did not.

Today it seemed to take hours, but when I left and looked at the clock on my cell phone, it was 4 minutes past an hour since I had first started being examined?? Sheesh!! I am no doctor or nurse or Tech, but that seems a little silly to me???

I still don't know what the deal is!?!? They said my Doc would get the results by late afternoon (well, it was 4 o'clock by then, so there is not much time) so I am assuming they will call tomorrow sometime.

I get to have a root canal at 9:30 tomorrow! I am falling apart!

That's it for now!


The Ramblin Irishman said...

Welcome to the 2006 version of the medical fraternity. Does it have a tendency to make you feel like you are NOT in the best hands anymore? I got so frustrated over appointments like that that I would cancel and just put up with the ailment, which of course is not the best course of action. Keep us posted as to what the results were. I enjoyed your post the day before, it reminded Cheryl and I of when our kids were younger. "Who me?" and "Wasn't me" still exist in many homes.:) Have a great day.

clairesgarden said...

arghh,!! how irritating, why can they not just tell you when you're there?? good luck for tomorrow then!

islandarts said...

I hate those internal ultrasounds... My son's head was so far down during my pregnancy I had to get a couple of those. Not my idea of a good time.