Thursday, April 13, 2006

Whiner Baby

That is Clown's Imaginary Friend.

We were introduced last week sometime. Clown did something he should not have and then told me that "Whiner Baby did it."

I asked who Whiner Baby was and he just calmly said "A friend that I made up in my head. Anything not good that happens, and you think I did it?? Well, HE is the one doing it."

I don't remember Brain or Jock having any imaginary friends. When Brain was introduced to "Whiner Baby", I thought he would roll his eyes and explain to Clown that he does not exist, etc.

I was pleasantly surprised that Brain chuckled and then started to tell us of his imaginary friends! He got a dreamy look in his eye when he was talking about them. Said he had forgotten all about them, had not thought of them in years!!

I had no idea he even had any! So that was neat.

Clown came and cuddled with me this morning after I sat to rest after making all the cupcakes. He did a fake burp and then admonished firmly "WHINER BABY! That is RUDE."

I asked if he had any other ones. He said one more. The name is "Evil Easter Bunny". I asked why and he went on to explain that deep in his heart he is a loving bunny, but part of his heart wants to do naughty things. What he is planning this year is to ask Santa for some coal and then hide it in those "little plastic egg thingys that he hides around the yard, you know??"

Should be an interesting Sunday morning.

I hear Jock starting in on the younger two. Over and out for now!!!

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clairesgarden said...

happy easter to you and all yours and all their imaginary pals too!