Friday, April 21, 2006


That is what I was last night.

I had come home from taking Brain to his classes and got my pj's on. He had to start late, because some of the kids are taking these state tests called WASL and we opted out of him taking them. So he only has his last two classes this week and next week. I was watching Giggles and Smiley again and then their mother went to get Brain after his classes and brought him home when she picked up Giggles and Smiley.

So if anyone was thinking I got my jammies back on at ten in the morning, I can make it clear right now! It was actually not until almost 2 in the afternoon. Smiley and Princess were hungry when we dropped Brain off, so I got them food from the Golden Arches. Clown refuses to eat there and said he would wait until we got home to eat anything. Smiley and Princess ate as I drove across the valley and closer to home (classes are a half hour away) and then I called Giggles and Jock who I had left here. I wanted to know if they wanted me to pick them up some food also. I had not wanted theirs to get cold on the drive home, so thought if they wanted anything, I could wait until I was at least across the valley and closer to the house. Of course they wanted food from different establishments, so by the time I got home from taking Brain to classes at 12:30, it was close to 2 pm!

So 2 pm is better than earlier than that, right??? To get jammies on???

I live in those things. All my clothes are getting too small and uncomfy since I keep on ballooning up and won't lose weight. I refuse to buy any larger size and live in the nice loose pj's. So Giggles and Smiley's Mom came to get them and we visited for a while. We are planning on maybe watching each other's kids for an entire weekend so we can have a weekend with our husbands. Neither of us have family near by and have always depended on friends to help with the kids. So we shall see where that goes.

All that to say that after she left and I was sitting in my pj's, another friend called to see if I wanted to go to a movie. We discovered I have already seen all the ones she wanted to. So we decided to go get essentials from Costco and eat supper there. She lives in Seattle, but drove all the way up here and off we went!

I was pleased with myself. Normally I need to kind of know what the plan is and what is going on. Even then, 70% of the time, it doesn't happen or get done. So I was impressed that I was so spontaneous! I guess I can be at times.

We had a lovely time and of course popped into Starbucks after for a treat and more visiting. I love to just yack with her. We met about 15 years ago working at a Vet Clinic. She has been there for me through many trails and tribulations, that is FOR SURE. Flew down to SC with me and my two baby boys in 1997, so I had help on the airplane since Stud was driving all our stuff across the country. Flew down again in 1999 when Clown was born. Has always been like an Auntie to our kids.

So it was nice to meet up with her and catch up. We are both so busy, it is hard to make time. I was pleased that we were able to co-ordinate our schedules and have some time together.

All the kids are still asleep (they are allowed to sleep in on Fridays) except Clown, who is waiting for a game of checkers with his old Mum. How I despise that game. *sigh* He adores it, so I suffer through.



mommy22ss said...

I just have to ask.... Did you wear your jammies to Costco? hehehe

Thanks for the advice on my blog and for stopping by over there.

Have a good weekend! :o)

Lowa said...

hehe:) I guess I never did make clear whether I did or not, eh??

I suppose I could have, I see enough people who do! LOL

Hope my advice helps. Hang in there, it is worth it!!!

clairesgarden said...

I think anybody with four children must find it hard to be spontaneous, you must have to have the organising ability of a saint, it took me all my time to do anything and I have only one! even so I have lived here for 5 years and I've only just tidied the shed!!ha!!