Saturday, April 15, 2006

Kind hearts

Few stories here from what the two youngest have done lately.

First up: Princess.

We were at a dance class on a different day a few weeks ago. We normally go on Wednesday mornings, but she missed one. So we went on a Thursday afternoon. I dropped her off and ran home to get supper in the oven and then go back and get her.

As we were leaving, she nodded her head towards a girl walking down the hallway ahead of us. She could not point (which I know she WOULD have, if she had been able) because her wee hands were full. One was holding mine, and the another, her little dance bag that contains her leotards, tights, shoes, etc.

So she nodded and said in a loud whisper, "I want to pray for that girl there. We have to pray for her, ok??"

I said of course, was there any particular need or did she just want to pray??

Oh, yes, there is a need. She has red hands. She has itchy skin and a bad skin disease. Then she struggled to pronounce it. She said, "I think it is called 'Eggsma' or something like that."

I stifled a chuckle, because I did not want her to misunderstand. She was very worried about this poor girl. Her brow was all knotted up and she was extremely serious. What I found amusing is not only her pronunciation of eczema, but the fact that her older brother has suffered from it his entire life and she seemed oblivious to that fact. It was a new and scary, yet apparently fascinating discovery to her.

Once I got myself together, I looked down and said, "Princess, Brain has that skin disease too."

She gasped and looked horrified! LOL

"He does!?!?!?"

Then I realised that in her life time, we have finally gotten him under control and she has never seen him at his worst. So it made sense that she has no way of knowing how badly he has suffered and how many years it took us to get things under control. She has never even seen pictures of when we lived in SC and the specialist in Charleston wanted to hospitalize him. She has never knocked on his skin with her fist and felt how there was a crust as hard as wood. She has no idea how we prayed for that little boy.

So we have prayed for the little girl whose name we don't know. Princess is very concerned and I am proud of how sweet and caring she is.

Will tell the tale of Clown later. Must get ready to go get my hair coloured, far too much grey seeping through again. I really hope the woman who does it today will LISTEN TO ME and STOP LAYERING IT!! I am trying to grow it out and she keeps on cutting it so that there is a fluffy top layer and then a heavier longer layer below. Looks RETARDED. We shall see what transpires today. Stud is taking the younger three to the Easter "Eggstravaganza" at our church.

Hope everyone has a lovely Easter Weekend! Will post a photo of Princess and Jock with one of the Bunny cakes we took to our party on Tuesday.

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Sandy said...

Nothing like a story of kindness on Easter Sunday. Hope you have a great day.