Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!!!

Just wanted to post some photos and tell a bit about our Easter. The weather apparently called for a rainy day. This is what I was told. I never pay attention to weather reports, never listen to the radio or watch the news. Stud and Jock are very interested in it and both informed me that today was going to be rainy. I figure you take what you get, nothing one can do about it anyway. You find out what the weather is by looking out the window or going outside, right???

We all know the weather man is often wrong. Sure enough, it has been a lovely sunny day! Pretty chilly, but sunny. It hides behind the clouds periodically, only to peek out again a few minutes later.

So normally the Easter Bunny hides a basket and leaves either maps or clues, leading to the basket. Then there are eggs containing goodies hidden outside in the yard. Usually things like candy/stickers/coupons for ice cream or a trip to the pet store or something. This year, he decided to just hide things all over the house and nothing outside. People needed to just hunt all over.

He explained this in a note that he taped to the door coming upstairs from down in the Rec Room. I was impressed that Clown read the whole thing. Even words like "signifies" and...other harder words. I can't remember everythign I wrote...I mean HE wrote, right now:)

Clown had written the EB a note the other day and left it for him last night. It said "You Rock. Yes you do. You are cool." So the EB said thank you and same to Clown. You should have seen Clown's face when he read that part!!! PRICELESS!!!!

Jock saw where Brain's basket was and came running and asked if they could do "hot and cold" to help each other. Then poor Jock was so busy helping the others that he was last to find his. Princess found her basket before anyone else and was so busy unloading it that she forgot about finding all the eggs all over the house. By the time she started looking for them, her brothers had gotten most of them. They all rushed over and put some of their's in her basket. I was pleased with that. When they do things like that, I know they may turn out alright after all! LOL

Sharing with baby sister.

Later on, Clown's spinning top that light ups was not lighting up. So Princess told him he could have her's. I told her how sweet that was and then thought he would complain because it is pink. No, he is pleased as anything and doesn't care.

Clown spots an egg on the lamp!

Off to church. Jock's allergies are bugging him again and he can't (won't) keep his
fingers out of his eyes. So they are all red and icky looking. He loves to be goofy!

Clown got a little praying Precious Moments guy in his basket. It is a tad babyish for him, being almost 7 years old. But he likes it well enough and I always wanted my kids to have something like that. Saw it yesterday and had to snap it up!

So there it is in a nutshell. Went to the service at church. Was nice having Stud home to help with the kids, etc. He is usually in the production and wow was it amazing to have him here helping video and take pictures. He even made breakfast! I showed him my waffle recipe a few years ago and the kids prefer his to mine! Which is fine by me! I got in the shower and got out to fresh waffles. Does it get any better?? I think not.

More to say but Brain is wanting some time with me. I will close for now. These photos never go where I want them to, so I hope this looks alright and is not too hard on the eyes.

Trust everyone had an awesome day!!!


clairesgarden said...

these are lovely family photographs, nice to see you all having a lovely day together

berriehead said...

Gorgeous GORGEOUS Family! I love the nicknames;o) Thanks for visiting me;o) I loved what you are in exactly the same place I was almost 7 months ago...(I too was a city dweller and dreamin of country life!) We just up and did it! So glad we did, cause nothing compares to the peace we all feel here & I hope someday you will get to that place too;o)