Wednesday, November 01, 2006


That nonsense is OVER! YES!

Now the REAL fun can begin:)

So here are some photos from last night...

Jock could not find anything that he liked when Stud took he and Brain to the store to purchase costumes the other night. Nothing was good enough. By yesterday late afternoon, he was panicking! He refused to wear any of his old ones or wear his hockey gear like last year, so went as himself!
Brain's had eyes that lit up all red under that ghoul face thing. It was pretty creepy and he was very pleased with it. He has not had a new costume in about three years, so this was a real treat:)

Stud only got two of these done.

Ok, now the fun of Christmas begins! YAHOOOO!!! Bring it on!!!:)


Happy and Blue 2 said...

The two costumes were good. And so were the pumpkins..
Most of the kids who showed up at my house weren't wearing costumes..

NTFrog said...

Just curious ... which costume did Happy not think was good?
I thought they were all great. S loved both Brain's and Clown's, and he thinks Jock's hair is awesome. And of course, you know who loved Princess's costume!!