Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Interesting photos

During my search for photos for the Brain's Birthday post, I came across some photos of professional photos we got done almost four years ago. Please excuse the bad quality. The original photos are much better of course!

I wanted to share ones of me with each kid. What really struck me is how the pose each kid strikes, pretty much sums up their personality.


Me with Brain ~

Jock and myself ~

Shy Clown ~

My Little Princess who had just turned two~

I love to look back on photos! Enjoy!


Happy and Blue 2 said...

The thing that struck me about the photos was that all the kids seem so happy..

sillygirl said...

So very pretty!

sydwynd said...

The kids are so cute. And the woman with them is hot!

Lowa said...

Happy- Yes, very true. I wish we had clearer shots of these. It doesn't come across as clear in the ones I ended up posting here. There are many others that make it more clear how the kids are. But they were all sideways, etc and I don't know how to turn them. Brain is always how he is in this one. Jock is too, being sweet (oh, those were the days, another post on that is coming!) and hanging all over everyone. Clown either hiding or peeping out to do a goofy face. Princess beaming and happy, as always. I need to set up a flickr thing, so people can view various shots of our cute family at their leisure:) LOL

T- Thanks! Man, we need to catch up! And HOW can you drink eggnog lattes!??! NASTY! Eggnog and coffee DO NOT mix!?!?!? LOL

Vince- Well, aren't you sweet!

NTFrog said...

Are you kidding me???? EGGNOG AND COFFEE ARE MADE TO GO TOGETHER!! That's the best thing about Christmas. Now, eggnog in clam chowder, I do not recommend. (And believe it or not, I know of a restaurant that was serving that after Christmas a few years ago ... YUCK!!!)
Did I ever see these photos? They don't look familiar?? or are these from the time you had a million candid shots taken?

Lowa said...

C- You are NUTS! I LOVE eggnog and love my Starbucks treats, so decided to try one a few weeks ago. I was sure I didn't like them, but could not remember. I almost puked! Thank goodness Stud drank it for me. Wow, the clam chowder thing is...wow!

Yes, this is from the Photo session from January 2003, I think it was. Maybe I brought them to show you when we met in the Okanagan that summer?? I dunno. I meant to get copies and give a lot to people, that was the idea behind it all. We never got around to it.