Thursday, November 02, 2006

Thankful Thursday

Ok, I am going to copy my friend Library Mama and do what she does on Thursdays. Maybe today it the appropriate time to start this, since the poor woman didn't have anything for us today. She is not very happy right now, so I can try and take over for her, at least for this week.

I am thankful for...

...the fact that Stud is going to be working from home starting (most likely) next week. There were lay offs at his office yesterday and sadly many of our friends lost their jobs. Stud was not one (Praise God!) but now has no office to go to daily. He will not miss the commute and we will be thrilled to have more time with him here at home!

...that it is raining and cloudy today. MY KINDA DAY!!! YAHOOO!

...that I am almost done Christmas shopping for the nephews and nieces in South Carolina. Also, I have some packages ready to send them, with Christmas PJ's and colouring books and ornaments in them. I am HOPEFUL that I get my act together and get them in the mail SOON!

...that I had a lovely visit with my friend yesterday when she came back to get her two sons. I watched them for her while she had a Dr. Appointment.

...that Stud went to Brain and Jock's school this morning and gave them what-for about their lack of communication. More on that later...maybe.

...that Jock asked last night if he had to go to school today. Told us he is bored and doesn't like it anymore. Of course, he will most likely finish out the entire year, but I am still happy that he is bored and wants to be HSed again. I was most worried about him going in there. Again, another post expanding on that may be coming in the near future.

...that Clown reminded me of one of my favourite snacks. Peanut butter and pickles on saltine crackers.

...that my water aerobics class is tonight!

...that I got a nice e-mail from my brother, the author, this morning. I need to call him soon and catch up.

Ok, I need to go eat my crackers with PB and pickles:)

Have a Great Thursday everyone! Hang in there LM. This too shall pass:)


Happy and Blue 2 said...

I love these thankful posts. I think everyone but me should do them, ha,ha..

Library Mama said...

I'm thankful for friends who take up the slack when I'm feeling blue. Thanks, Lowa.

I loved reading your list.

I feel badly that I jammed out on everyone today. My sitemeter seems to indicate that my Thankful Thursday posts are people's favourites. I promise I'll be up to another one next Thursday.

sydwynd said...

Glad to hear Stud didn't lose his job. I'd have trouble working from home as I'd be too distracted.