Saturday, November 25, 2006


We are busy today. Getting out the Christmas decorations!

The energy is high around here today. Flitting all about, Christmas music playing, Loud exclamations of, "OOOOH!! I remember THIS!?!? JOCK! Do you remember this!?!?!" On and on it goes.

We were stringing lights around Princess's headboard in her bedroom and she and Clown were so excited they could hardly stand it. They were sharing with each other how excited they are and jabbering away about how this is their favourite time of year. They are at such a perfect age for this stuff!

So I was listing off many of my favourite things about this season when Clown covered his ears and exclaimed in a pitiful voice, "AARRRGG! It's like you're TAUNTING me or something!??! I can't stand it! I CANNOT WAIT! STOP TAUNTING ME ABOUT CHRISTMAS!?!?"

I didn't mean to:(


Happy and Blue 2 said...

Christmas time is exciting. Quit taunting everyone,ha,ha..

sydwynd said...

Christmas decorating barely started around here. Got the outside lights up is all. Still, we're starting to get in the spirit.

Happy Birthday to Brain!

Lowa said...

Happy- Ok, sorry! teehee

Vince- Well, you have to understand, this is my ultimate FAVE season and I wait all year for this:) We take a week or so and get things out here and there. Princess set some things right outside her mice's cage so they can enjoy the season too! LOL

Thanks about Brain. I really need to get his birthday post published on here! Off to bed for now, though.