Thursday, November 09, 2006

New photos

Some friends have requested an update on the blog so that they no longer have to view the photo of poor Jock's leg! SORRY GUYS!

I will throw a few photos out there and then must get to bed. Will do a decent and more exciting update soon. Have not even had time to read blogs lately, let alone update my own. Craziness going on!

Ok, the kids on their way to church this past Sunday, Brain on his way to school Monday morning with his new winter coat and toque (the eyes of the dragon on the toque light up!) and Princess still enjoying her mice:)

Hope this helps! Peace out!


Happy and Blue 2 said... something else to get rid of the picture of the mouse, ha,ha..

NTFrog said...

It's interesting to see in the first picture how individual each of your kids is. It's a great picture, they are just all so different from each other, you know what I mean??
Okay, now is that winter coat and toque really necessary there already?? I mean, I only brought out my winter coat last week!! That coat looks as warm as any that my kids are wearing now... and we have severally inches of snow on the ground and -20C temps; from the first picture of the kids, it doesn't look like the weather is too bad there! Wimps....

oh, and thanks for changing the offense to Jock!!

Lowa said...

Happy - YOu are so funny!

C - Yes, I know what you mean about the kids. That is what is so exciting to me. Watching them grow and become who they are. There are so many similarities, in looks and personality and so many difference. As you can see, Brain and Clown have the darker skin and the "B" kids are fair like me. But they have their Dad's hair and eye colour and look more like him. Brain and Clown look like my side, with the darker hair & eyes and they are very similar in personalities. We struggle with the "B" kids lately in that they are lying and having major attitude. Jock and Princess have the same initials, for all of you who do not know who I am referring to when I say "B" kids. Unfortunately, their first two are B.M.. Oddly, the only other names we considered would have made it "B.J." so we opted for Bowel Movement instead! LOL

Anyway, as to the weather. Some days it is below freezing and I am surprised there is no snow. On Sunday, the stupid Sun was shining, which was actually good, since we have had horrible winds and rain and flooding. It was only out for a few hours, though. Normally, it is not too cold. And that coat is THIN. It looks a bit bulky, but trust me. It is much thinnner than the other one he had. Weird how it looks this way in the photo.

YEs, we are wimps and we will admit it!