Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Show and Tell

Princess did her first Show and Tell in Kindergarten today! Just so happened that I was helping in her class, so I got to video tape.

I was surprised at how shy and quiet she was. When we go with our Home-schooling group once a month and do similar things, she is loud, clear and articulate. This morning, she hung her head, muttered and had to repeat herself. No big deal, I was just surprised. She was a lot more clear and easy to hear than the other kids, but still not how she usually does it. Maybe she thought that is how they are supposed to do it?? LOL Most of the kids actually just sat there and stared at everyone and the teacher had to do it all for them.

She was to make a "News Plan" to help her explain the show and tell object. She worked hard on it last night. She took her "My Twinn" doll that Santa brought her last year for Christmas.

So this is:

When ~ Christmas Time.

Who ~ Herself.

Where ~ In Canada (I was impressed that she thought to use a Maple Leaf to symbolize Canada and remind her where she was when she got the doll).

What ~ The Doll.

Why ~ Because she asked Santa for it and he brought it for her!

Here she is with the doll, sharing with her friends this morning in class.

Here she is with the doll, wearing their matching Holiday Jammies that I just gave her after we got home from school. I got these on major sale back in the spring and was excited to give them to her this holiday season.

It was fun to be in her class. I got to help all the kids make turkeys with handprints and paint! I love that stuff! They are so sweet and cute. She was hugging me all the time and would motion me over and indicate that I was to lean down to her level. Then she would always whisper, "I love you" to me. She was beaming and obviously just tickled to have me in there. Every time her teacher, Mrs. W would say anything about "Go see Mrs. D" (that is me, in case you are unaware!) or anything, Princess would just BEAM at the mention of my name! LOL

When we got home and were eating our lunch, she said, "I wish you were Mrs. W". I asked why, thinking she would say how Mrs. W is so much nicer than me! No, it was because if I was Mrs. W, I would be in her class every day and be all the kids' teacher all the time! I reminded her that normally I AM her teacher and will be again when she is not in public school anymore. She was happy and asked when that will be, she doesn't really want to keep on going. Jock has been saying the same thing. They are tired of it and very bored. More on that another time, perhaps.

So I am just saying, it was nice to be in there. We are working on painting her bedroom, as well as hopefully finishing what was started in Jock and Clown's Room back in March. I must get going on more painting, etc. Although my head it really throbbing. Need to update you all on my neurologist appointment last week, although I am seeking a second opinion first.

Hope everyone is having an awesome week!


Happy and Blue 2 said...

Congratulations to Princess on the show and tell presentation.
The matching pj's are cute.
And you must be a good Mom and Teacher..

sydwynd said...

My kids are normally pretty loud but can be shy in some public situations. It may be she's just not used to talking in front of this particular group of kids.

Lowa said...

Haooy-Thanks! She did the presentation again today at Book Report Lunch with our HSIng friends. I reminded her to speak loud enough for everyone to hear and she did an incredible job!

She is in the matching PJ's, holding her precious doll, munching chips and watching "Spirit" as I type this.

Lowa said...

Wow look at that! I can't even type Happy. In too much of a hurry or something.

Vince- Yes, good point. I think she proved you right this morning at book report lunch, too. She must feel more comfy with the friends she has known longer, and not the kids she spends every morning with. I find it interesting. Lots of new HSed kids in our group, it keeps growing as people pull their kids from public school and join the ranks of HSers. There were some there today that she has never met, but that didn't seem to phase her.

NTFrog said...

Good job, Princess.
We just got OUR Princess's report card - the teacher says "she speaks loudly in class. It allows me to correct her pronunciation". (remember, she is in French immersion). M and I were relieved that they could see the positive side of her noisiness!! We are ALWAYS telling her "Not so loud!!"

Lowa said...

That is hilarious about A's teacher being able to correct her pronunciation! LOL I wish we have French immersion here:( They do, but it costs an arm and a leg. Did S go to that school, I can't remember. Anyway, we can talk about it in e-mail.

I think we get report cards in a few weeks. We have the loud thing with Jock. Maybe it is a second child thing?? The kid SCREAMS when you are right there in front of him. I get a head ache when I see him coming! LOL