Thursday, November 30, 2006

School is finally back in session!

Well, after a trip to the dentist this morning, the older two boys are sitting in their third period class as I type this. They were most irritated and unenthusiastic when I dropped them off after their teeth cleanings.

They had over a week's vacation! There was no school Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and this morning there was a two hour delay. I am not exactly certain why. However, the kids were extremely happy and I was loving having them all home again, just like the good old days, so I don't really care why! It said something on the school and/or weather site (can't recall which one) about another "winter storm". We got a chuckle out of that! A few inches of snow is a storm!?!? Hmmmmm...

Tomorrow is a half day and then the weekend again. So basically a total of one full day in one week, is how much time the boys will have spent at school this week. They are so pleased and have had a lovely time playing video games, sleeping in and playing in the snow.

Speaking of snow. All the sledding was most helpful in extracting one of Clown's loose front teeth!

It also knocked another loose one so hard that it was just barely hanging on. At his dental appointment for his fillings this morning, it popped out. So he has it under his pillow waiting for the tooth fairy. I told him the $ he is earning is just in time for buying his siblings their Christmas gifts. He didn't seem too keen on that idea! LOL

Poor Princess. We noticed some months ago that her two lower front permanent teeth (I never know the names of these things) were coming in behind the baby ones who were not even loose. So when I took her for her regular appointment and cleaning a few weeks back, they said they would pull those as well as one on either side of those. By then, the front ones were a wee bit loose. But since the permanent ones were coming in behind, it was messing things up. So the poor thing had to have those four teeth extracted this morning. She was really brave, but they came to get me and told me that she ended up crying a bit anyway and they thought I should sit with her. When she saw me, she really started crying and laid her head in my lap. I thought she was really brave! She bled for quite a while and is now laying and watching a Christmas Movie with Clown.

So that is an update for now. I hope to get Brain's birthday post done soon, still trying to get my hands on some baby pictures of him. He has told me he doesn't want me to call him Brain on here and he is thinking of another name. Hope it doesn't confuse anyone when I start to use it!!!


Happy and Blue 2 said...

You are going to go bankrupt paying for all the teeth,ha,ha..

I like the name Brain but I am interested to see what he comes up with..

sydwynd said...

Poor Princess! Maverick has had all kinds of dental work already. They had to widen his jaw, pull teeth, put on braces, you name it. He's been a trooper, but I can feel for Princess.

Hope she's feeling better.

clairesgarden said...

poor Princess!
thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment, I lost all my links a while ago and now I've changed to a lap top I have even lost my history links. its taking some time to transfer all my stuff.
love the pictures of everybody in the snow, we've not had any yet, just cold/wet/yuck! emphasis on the wet!!
difficulty typing due to large cat, they love me so much when its chilly! Rosie is over at my friends farm tonight so she can milk the goats in the morning. nice to have peace!

Lowa said...

Happy- Yes, it is certainly costing us a lot! LOL They are both saving up to buy gifts for their siblings for Christmas. Clown said he needs another dollar for the thing he wants to buy Brain. This morning I found him unloading the Dishwasher and he asked if he could earn extra money by doing chores. With his allowance and tooh fairy money, he is still a bit short. I told him there is plenty of time to save and of course I could give him some here and there. How sweet is that, though!?!?

Vince- YIPES! Sounds like Maverick has been through it. All of ours will need braces eventually. Brain is forming an under-bite, Jock an over-bite and they all have teeny mouths and big teeth like me. Jock has had ten pulled already, his and Princess's won't come out on their own and are incredibly crowded. Our poor kids, eh??

CLAIRE! THERE you are! LOL Glad we found each other again:)

Sounds like things are going well, except the weather. GOATS!?!? I got up and milked goats when I was her age exactly. Very cool! Please let me know what she thinks, ok??? There were three, and I just loved them. Some of our foster kids drank the milk, I never cared for it and stuck to cows milk, but I sure loved my goats:)

Hope your weather improves!

Library Mama said...

Poor Princess! Give her a hug from me. I'm surprised they ended up pulling all four of her front teeth. Will she have to get a bridge now to replace them?

Our #1 had the same problem for a while. We used to call him Shark because he had two rows of teeth. They pulled just his baby teeth, though, and his permanents slowly moved back into place.

He's still getting braces, though, but not for the "shark" reason.

Take care!

Lowa said...

LM- She has recovered beautifully! No, no bridge. The permanent ones in the back of the two middle ones will hopefully move up and go where they are supposed to. She will just have a gap where the other two were, until those permanent ones come in, I guess. These were just the baby teeth of course, she hasn't lost any on her own. My kids get teeth late (Brain's first tooth popped in at 11 months old) and thus lose them later also.

Shark is a good nickname for this, sounds exactly like what #1 had going on. Yes, we already know all four of our kids need braces. Lord help us all!

I need to catch up on your blog, things have been nuts!