Sunday, February 12, 2006

Photos from Brain's adventure!

Ok, so this one is him once the IV was in...let's hope this stupid program co-operates with me this time!

Now this is once he was brought back from Recovery.

Ok, that is all I am doing for now. I have 4 or 5 more, but these two have taken 15 minutes!?!?!? I need to go play wid my babies, they are back from Spokane. I will do the rest another time.


clairesgarden said...

bless him! I hope his recovery is complete. if I can comment on his sore shoulders etc, when you are having an operation and totally relaxed it can put your joints out of place when they are doing their cameras and stuff, a visit to a chiropractor or osteopath is a good idea befor this joint irritation turns into something major when he is older.

Lowa said...

Wow, thanks for your input!

I love your blog, just glanced at it. Gorgeous photos!

Scotland!?!? I have always wanted to go there. My Dad's side is originally from there. How awesome!

Thanks for the visit!

happyandblue2 said...

Hope he's recovering nicely and is home soon..

Lowa said...

Oh, he IS home. Sorry, in all the chaos this weekend I guess maybe I did not mention that????

He is SO MUCH better. I am so thrilled!

happyandblue2 said...

Glad he's home.
Happy Valentines Day..

HomemakerAng said...

he sure is a handsome lad! Glad he is home!