Wednesday, February 15, 2006

More pics of my boy:)

The sibs came to visit before heading to Jock's Hockey Tourny in Spokane.

Sleeps a lot. Balloons from friends in Spokane.

Back home. See all the cards, gifts and goodies??

Able to stand up better now. Showing his incisions.

Will explain what the surgery was about soon, when I discuss more of my sweet Brain. I need to get some pics of him when he was younger, to go with the posts:)

Jock has decided to get his long hair chopped off, must take him before he changes his mind:)

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Dottie said...

Oh My Goodness! Your Brain could be my Layne. LOL! My 9 year old is the same sensitive, brainy child that your son is. I literally have to go and get right in his face b/c he is so into whatever he is reading or watching. He was tested in 2nd grade...he was reading and comphrehending on an 11th grade level. It's amazing at what different but wonderful gifts each child is, isn't it.
e-mail me at and I will send you the link and password to my new site. :)