Sunday, February 19, 2006


That is how my bro and I used to say deodorant.

HOW on EARTH does the stuff get all over everything??

I make a point of putting on my shirt FIRST. This morning, I am wearing a sleeve-less shirt. Of course it is black. So I make certain that it is on like it is supposed to be.

Then, I lift up me arms and carefully swipe the stuff underneath. I learned the hard way not to put it on and THEN put on the shirt or whatever the top part of my ensemble is. No one taught me this, that I can recollect. It is just amazing that I figured this out.

I vow to let my kids in on life's little nuggets of wisdom such as this. Save them some time and humiliation.

So I am pleased that all is well, and move to get the shirt that goes on over top of said sleeve-less shirt. Something seems to be glowing in my peripheral vision. Seriously. Luminescent almost.

ACK!!!!!!!!! A large glob of blasted deodorant is sitting on the front of my shirt!?!?

Down low, near to the tummy region, no less!?!?!?


Am I the only freak that this happens to???

Speak up people.

I know you are out there reading this.


Alright, the little ones and I are off to a birthday party. I guess non church going people do not think about church going people when they plan these things?? LOL

Stud and the older two just left. He plays guitar during both services, and the older ones are NOT staying home alone. They have not been to their SS classes in months. So they get to go early and watch Stud and the rest of the worship team get ready for the services. Then it is off to their classes.

The party is from 10-noon. At some type of Playground Equipment selling place. If it is the place I think it is, we have been to one party there about 4 or 5 years ago. I know the kids will have fun, but Clown is being Clown. Very nervous, because there will be people that he does not know there. I told him that he can stay with me and visit with M and M.

The birthday child is the granddaughter of friends of ours. The aforementioned M&M. Stud has worked with this man since we moved here from SC in '91. Besides from '97-00 when we were back in SC, that is. Since Stud's family lives in SC and mine is in Canada, these guys have been like surrogate grand-parents to our kids. They try to make it to all the dance recitals, the HSing talent show where Brain will play his violin, some hockey games, etc etc.

Their grand daughter is right in between the ages of Clown and Princess. Princess just turned 5 in October, this birthday girl is 6 today and Clown will be 7 in May. They all three get along wonderfully and love to play together. We missed her past two birthdays, so are going to for sure make it to this one.

I will leave you with a quick snapshot from last week, when Jock suddenly decided to get his hair chopped off. He has had one trim since September of 2004. It was quite long and he tired of being mistaken for a girl. I totally forgot about his earrings! He has two piercings in his left ear and I have not seen them in months! LOL He is not thrilled, because he has a lot of moles and forgot about them. There are a lot, especially on the left side of his neck. I think they add character. He doesn't like moles, he had to have one removed a few years ago, but more on that when I devote some posts to him.

When he was getting the cut, Clown decided since Jock looked so good, he would get his curls cut off. So here they are, with Princess, at the haircutting place.

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