Sunday, February 12, 2006

Talk about loved and spoiled

So Brain is now sitting up and getting up on his own. As I type this, he is putting together a big Bionicle Set that a woman from our HSing group bought for him.

She had e-mailed me all upset because she felt bad because she had not known he was even having surgery or anything. Wanted to come over and help clean, do laundry, anything.

I told her there was no need, so she insisted on buying him a book or something. I sent her a list that he e-mails me frequently, with updates of what Bionicles he has purchased, what ones he is saving for, etc. Suggested she buy him one of the $8 ones at the end of the list, I was not sure which ones were cheapest, but some things on the list are the big expensive sets he gets for Christmas/Birthday or saves for months.

So I had to go to Target yesterday for tooth paste. I believe I mentioned earlier that my darling husband and sweetheart of a son (who are two peas in a pod in many areas) took it upon themselves to take the only two decent tubes of toothpaste in the house with them to the hockey tournament in Spokane. They were staying in the same hotel room in but for some reason, they each needed their own tube??

Oh sure, I could use some nasty fruity flavoured Barbie or Power Ranger junk out of Clown and Princesses bathroom (incidentally, Stud neglected to take them any toothpaste OR toothbrushes and said that I was supposed to pack it for him. Oppps, sorry, I was sitting in the hospital all day with our son who had surgery. Can't do it all! Yes, you sense bitterness and extreme frustration) but I did not see the need. I want to CLEAN my teeth and have my mouth feel fresh. I need mint. They refuse to use mint because it "stings"?? Whatever. Talk to the hand.

So when I was in Target, getting said item, as well as a new Xbox game for Brain ($18 down from $50, you gotta love it!!) lo and behold, there is my buddy H, with this big, expensive Bionicle Set for Brain!?!?

I told her to put it back right now, she was not spending that on him.

She laughed at me! LOL So she gave it to me and said how great it was we ran into each other. I call those God moments. He truly has His hand in every small detail of life.

Stud's mother sent Brain some pretty flowers in a mug, with balloons attached. C, since she could not be here for him and had to go home early, gave me money for a Bionicle for him. I also admit to buying him two books to complete his "Series of Unfortunate Events" collection that my brother (the writer, who teaches at a college and has stated the wish that Brain was in his class instead of some of those people who are!!) started buying for him a few years ago.

So he has gotten all kinds of goodies. My friend, who is in Nursing school dropped by yesterday with a milkshake for him. He fell asleep when she was here and she blew him a kiss when she left. He woke up later and looked around all sad and mumbled "Where is E?? Did she have to leave??"

I must go check on him now and get him to drink more water. He has not had pain meds since yesterday afternoon sometime. I really need to coerce him into the shower!!!

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