Saturday, February 11, 2006

Rice Krispies

Brain just ate some! YAHOO!! Washed them down with some apple juice and is now sitting up watching TV.

We got home yesterday afternoon. That is a story in itself, which I may or may not divulge here. I don't want to be too negative or critical, but seems the hospital staff need to pay more attention to their patients. I was not impressed with some stuff that happened.

Anywooo, here we are. Last night was a bit rough, he needs help moving at all. He hurts to bad, can't even shift his own weight, laugh, or even talk. I got up at 2 to help him, he said he needed to walk around a bit. He and I had worked together since we got home around 4, to get up every few hours and walk around the house a bit. Took great pains to get him up from where he was, and settled again.

So you can imagine my delight,when he came into the bedroom this morning, glanced at me in the bed, and then turned and padded away softly in his moccasins his Granny and Grandad got him a few years ago. Sweet guy had gotten up by himself and walked over here, but not only that, thought I was asleep and left, hungry, to let me sleep more.

HE is the one who needs help and what does he do?? Thinks of ME and my comfort?? I tell you, this guy is a keeper:) He has always been that way. I love it!

So I got up and asked him what he needed. I suggested the cereal because I saw on the dietician's sheet that he could have that. After 2 days of water, jello, pudding, broth and juice, I am sure that was very welcome! He did seem very excited and ate it all up!

I will post a few pictures of him in the hospital etc soon, after I have his permission of course.

Stud and Jock took every tube of toothpaste in the house to the Hockey Tournament in Spokane, for some odd reason. So my goal for today is to go and buy more and help Brain. I am just SO HAPPY that this morning he is moving on his own and can eat something like Rice Krispies.


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The Ramblin Irishman said...

Way to go Brain. Hang in there buddy it will get better. Glad to see things turned out as well as they did.