Friday, February 10, 2006

Update on the Brainster

Off to the hospital soon. What a day yesterday!

They changed the times around and told me to get him to the hospital by 8, not 9 like they had told me just a few days before. I am very glad Stud remembered to let me know that, cause I was gone taking C back up to Vancouver when they called. I would have had no idea unless he told me.

So we left at 7 yesterday morning, to make sure we got there by 8. I knew morning traffic into Seattle would be bad, but had no idea HOW bad.

We averaged about 25 miles an hour until we got right INTO the city itself!?!? Even in the carpool lane. Was very anxious and I knew better, because I suspected that we would sit for half an hour or so once we got there anyway, and I was right.

The surgery was mentioned back in a November post somewhere...let me go look...Ah yes, November 10th of last year. I explain a wee bit. I will explain in greater detail shortly, when I post about each of my kids.

Have not heard anything this morning, but last I heard when Stud just arrived there and called me at a little past midnight last night, his oxygen level had improved and his fever had gone down. When I left him in the hospital to rush back here so Stud could go and be with him, his oxygen was 90 and he was getting quite a fever. The people at the hospital were great, until we got him settled in his room. Those nurses sure are interesting. More on that later, perhaps.

The surgery took about 3 hours. The surgeon had originally told me that he would be in there for 2-3 days, but yesterday told me he may be released today. They found adhesions on his liver, so we need to ask more about that. He thought that was from all the stomach acid or something.

The main complaint Brain had was his shoulders and collarbone hurting. They had him on a morphine drip and he was out of it most of yesterday. The surgeon told me that those places would hurt more than the 5 incisions because of them pushing around in there with the cameras, etc.

It was horrible to see him how he was. I guess I did not realise what a big deal it was or something, but he was just pitiful. When you give him a new video game and he just looks at it, mutters "Sorry for the lack of gratitude, but I just can't focus on things..." and then goes to sleep again, you KNOW it is serious! I came home last night and Stud went in to stay with him.

I need to figure out how to call and get an update while the other kids are taking turns having their showers. Cell phones are not allowed in there and I can't find where Stud put the # to the hospital room so I can call. I would have thought he would have called me by now to update. So I am going to find the # and call and see how my poor guy is doing. I hope he is better than yesterday so his sibs don't get too scared when they see him!!

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happyandblue2 said...

Wow. That sounds so sad. Hope he is feeling a lot better today..