Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I find this amusing

This is not what is amusing. I just wanted to add this:) Princess on her way to the HSing Valentine's Day party. Note the Hello Kitty Necklace. Stud gave that to her that morning! Was she pleased!

I am watching my friend J's two boys today. We shall call them "Giggles" and "Smiley". They are the SWEETEST BOYS I have ever come across. Giggles is the same age as Jock and Smiley is the same age as Clown. They all get along famously. Never been any conflict. The names I have thought up are exactly how they are. Giggles is always giggling and Smiley never stops grinning.

So Brain is playing a video game that Giggles brought. Giggles and Jock are playing Lord of the Rings Stratego while Clown and Smiley were downstairs playing Checkers. Princess was taking photos of the cats laying about. She is quite the photographer lately, I think I will post some of her work on here.

So I agreed to let the younger group play video games. Clown and Princess have recently caught the bug, but Clown gets very agitated and is grounded from it for weeks at a time. He yells at the TV, calls characters "Moron" and "Idiot", throws controllers to the floor, etc.

It has been a few weeks since he has played, so I told him if he controlled himself, he could show Smiley a few games. Princess and I decided to colour in a colouring book while they played, then she and Smiley would play.

This is what you would have heard if you had been down there -

Clown: OH YEAH! Take that! UH HUH, I am coming after you!!!

Smiley: What am I supposed to press??? What DO I DO!?!?!?

Princess: Smiley, press the A. NO NO! THE A BUTTON!!! Mom, can you pass me the yellow??

Clown: WE DIED!?!? WE DIED!?!? NO SMILEY!! If you had just pressed (then tells him details of what he was supposed to do) your guy would not have fallen off of there and we would have defeated them!! Let's try again, ok???

Princess: Clown, be nice to Smiley. Smiley, when you and Clown play 3 more rounds, I will play with you, ok???

He ignores her.

Princess: *shrug of shoulders* Hmmmmm...I guess Smiley doesn't hear very well. Mom, what colour is this, it's ugly!!!

Me: Looks like baby poop, but it is called "Bronze Yellow".

Princess: EEEWWWW...I can't use that for her dress!?!?!? What about that pink over there, can you pass me that?? OH NO!!!!!!!!!! GET THE WAND!! GET THE WAND SMILEY!!!


Princess: *holding back tears* I was just trying to help! He needs to get the wand! Smiley, did you know what to do when Yoshi falls off of there???

Smiley: No! What do I do??

Me: CLOWN! Would you PLEASE tell poor Smiley what to press!?!?!?

Clown is immersed in the game and has no idea what is being said most of the time.

Princess: Ok, Smiley. Press R if you want to (I can't remember) and then go over to the left and jump on the (Again, can't remember details) and you can...

On and on she went. I think Smiley is going to get it eventually and I know that he will get more help when Princess is right there playing with him. I find it amusing, how she was desperate to help him, but Clown just got annoyed because Smiley did not instinctively know exactly what to do on a game he has never played before.

At one point Princess muttered "Sheesh. I am just trying to help." I should have prepared her and told her that no matter how much she tries to help guys, even when they ask for it, it won't be appreciated. I will prepare her one day, but for now, I kept out of it for the most part.

Maybe you had to be there to see/hear it, but it was quite entertaining. Let me look through some of her recent fascinating photography and add it to this for you all to enjoy!

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