Thursday, February 23, 2006

Long Break

Yes, I am going on one. At least a week. I am not sure when I can make myself start, but I am sure it will be on Monday, if not before.

I need to shut this thing off and focus on the kids, and getting more active. I have cut out sugar and wheat, am drinking more water, eating far less meat and quit my beloved Starbucks treats cold turkey. *sniff* It has been three days since I had one and the fact that it is torture to me is pathetic. Says a lot right there. I COULD just do the less fattening one, but I won't even allow myself that much until I get to a certain weight. I have put on 5 lbs in the past few months just from drinking those blasted things 3-4 times a week. Enough is enough!

Perhaps by the time I turn this on again, I will have located the photos I want to put along with various posts.

Although I DID want to announce that Brain was nominated "Student of the Month" at his classes that he attends. He got an award for being respectful, considerate and helpful. There is a funny story that goes along with it, but I need to get to bed.

I will miss reading all the blogs and yapping on here.



k said...

good for you!
it'll hurt for a bit, but it's totally worth it in the end!
well, that's what I keep telling myself :)
good luck!

clairesgarden said...

respectful, considerate and helpful? he can come and live here! I'll swap you for a 15 yr old girl with her own opinions on everything! hope to see you back soon.