Sunday, February 19, 2006

Nose warmer

Just remembered I told my mom I would post a picture of Clown with the treat she crocheted him.

This is his nose warmer. Apparently, when we were up in the prairies this past holiday season, Clown and his Granny had a discussion about this. She got it finished and mailed it with their Valentine parcel.

He is pleased as can be and it came none too soon. Things are getting chilly indeed.

Dad, please do not forget to show this to Mom.


The Ramblin Irishman said...

Looks like shades of his mother. After reading your blog I couldn't help but wonder how a Canadian hooked up with a Red-Neck. (That is what they call SC boys you know) I guess the same way and Idahoan hooked up with an Ohioan. Keep letting that 13 year old think that he does not want to drive. Oh, how I wish that had been the case 5 times over in my home. What we did is buy a car fairly new and never replaced it until the last one graduated from high school. That poor car was literally a piece of junk. Keep smiling.

Lowa said...

Stud and I met on the internet in 1988.

No joke!

WILLIAM said...

A nose warmer? Pretty cool.