Monday, February 06, 2006

Ok, I guess I feel a bit like talking

Alright, some stuff rattling around in this noggin. Nothing organised, but who are we kidding?? Is it ever?

Had a nice weekend. Got to go looking around a bit (I guess they call that shopping??) with C and went to a movie.

Princess got a bed last week and everyone is very excited about that. She needed out of the toddler bed long ago, but Stud did not want to pay for a twin bed. We compromised and got her a twin mattress, so the child has been sleeping on the floor. I finally convinced him to spring for a bed and we found a CUTE one for a very reasonable price. Got her a matching night stand also. Her room is so cute, I would have loved it when I was 15, let alone 5! She has way too much, but luckily she really appreciates it all and gets hours of fun from all the goodies. We are almost done getting it how she and I want it, but we are focusing on Jock and Clown's now. All three boys used to share it and nothing has been done to it in 5 years. It needs an update bad.

The first night she got it, Clown wanted to sleep under it. They were so amazed that Princess actually HAD an under, to sleep under! LOL Jock and Brain have beds handed down from Stud's parents' lake house. They are very low and you can't get under them. Brain has a high loft bed, with desk etc under it. NO one is allowed in his room anyway.

So they wanted to sleep under there, argued over who could until Princess agreed with her Dad and I that no one would. So Jock slept on the floor on one side and Clown on the other, with Missy girl in her fancy, pretty bed. Funny, the things that please and excite kids.

Brain will go for surgery on Thursday morning. I am starting to get a wee bit nervous for him. I have a new GBA game all ready to surprise him with and will stay with him as much as I can. Will come home nights, etc. I think he may get out as early as Saturday, no later than Sunday if there are no complications.

Today Jock scared us all a bit. He asked to go up to the school with some of his friends. They are 11, 13 and I think one is 13 or 14. If I ever let him do that, I normally send my cell phone with him, but neglected to this time. I guess I figured he was with 3 guys, things would be fine. If anyone bothered them, they could handle it. So he was gone about an hour when I sent Brain to find him.

He is usually very good about letting me know where he is, when. If he tells me he is going somewhere, he will let me knows if plans change and he is back earlier, or what have you.

So I sent Brain up there and he kept on calling me and saying he could not find any of them. He was so funny, he really does talk...well, he is very articulate. People always comment but I am so used to it, I don't pay much attention. He was talking about "walking around the perimeter" and other things I can't remember right now. He was up there over 20 minutes and I was getting scared. When I called Stud to see what we should do, I was pacing and happened to glance out the window and saw Jock across the street at one of the guy's houses. I called him in right away and then called Brain and told him to come home.

The reason I say this is that I thought Brain would be upset and mad at Jock. He had been after me all day to let him read certain books, he had done his chores and all the assigned school work. He had JUST settled with a book when I asked him to go get Jock, and then come to find out that he was across the street the entire time?!?!

This is a quote from Brain's journal entry about the whole ordeal. He describes what happened and then says:

Of course this greatly relieved and infuriated me.

I find that amusing. He is so funny! He just gave Jock and look when he came into the house and Jock tried to hug him and then they discussed it and Jock agreed to do all Brain's chores for a certain amount of time.

Dern kid!!!

So tonight Clown and Princess wanted to sleep in her Tinkerbell Tent. I snapped this from the hole on top of the tent. I could not see them at all, just hoped to get them both in. I thought it turned out kinda neat! Hope it doesn't do too much of a number on your eyes!!

Off to bed!

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happyandblue2 said...

The tent is cool. Glad you are cheering up..