Saturday, February 18, 2006

Saturday update

Stud just took the younger three skating and I am waiting for Brain to get out of the shower. He has expressed an interest in getting out and about. When he does this, we jump on it. It does not happen often! I am glad he is feeling well enough to do anything. He had to do a few chores yesterday, and seemed almost happy about it! He is tired of laying around.

He and I are planning on some shopping at Toys R Us, so he can spend the gift card he got from friends whilst in the hospital. He has some gift cards for book stores also and would like to look into spending those. After that, we hope to take in a movie. Most likely "The Pink Panther" or "Eight Below". He has not decided as yet.

So yes, I am trying to think of more ways to describe him, so that I can move on to Jock and eventually my other two. Still need to yammer on about my friend C who was recently here (I miss her dearly! *sniff*) as well as my baby brother. I want to include photos with much of these, but our scanner is on the fritz, Stud keeps talking about buying another. Lo and behold, the funds are often needed elsewhere, you know how it is!

Let's see...he is very caring, as I said. Can't stand to see anyone, including animals, hurting. If he hears one of his siblings scream or yell, he jumps up protectively to see what, if anything, is wrong. Notice I said "If he hears". If he is playing a video game, reading or watching TV...he WILL NOT hear it!!!

He has always been social, enjoyed other people's company. He gets that from his Dad. I am more of a loner. I enjoy talking, don't get me wrong. I am just as happy to talk to myself as to anyone else. LOL Clown in like me in that area, but I am getting ahead of myself.

Yes, he enjoys other people and has surprised me in his confidence level. I was not as confident as he is until I was about 30! He does not hesitate to speak his mind and unfortunately can come across as rude and condescending. He has been told not to be so cynical. He is small and wiry, but has no problem going over to someone who is picking on another and speaking up boldly and telling them to leave the person alone. Something about him causes people to listen and take him seriously.

He is unusual as a teen in that he cares nothing about what he looks like, wears, says, etc. He is just happy in his own skin and I love it! Jock gets embarrassed often going anywhere with Brain. Brain won't comb his hair, tuck in his shirt, etc. Jock is beside himself and pleads with me to do something. I remind him that I want them all to be who they are, and to concern himself with himself, his brother is fine how he is.

He is mature for his age, but also still enjoys typical "child" things. When he feels himself getting impatient or bored with something juvenile, it seems like once that occurs to him, he panics and kind of seems to force himself to enjoy it or sit through it. Like he is thinking "OH NO!! I am getting older, I need to stop this somehow!"

He has NO desire to drive, leave home or grow up. He was so dreading his 13th birthday this past fall, I felt SO BAD for him. I remember being the same way, not wanting it to end. I knew there was no going back and enjoyed every day. Stud and I keep on telling him before he knows it, he won't be able to get away from us soon enough. He still doesn't believe us! LOL He won't even let us drop him at a movie or the mall to just hang around with friends. He thinks that is ridiculous and wonders why we would suggest it. So we obviously do not force it, when he is ready, we will let him. He had a friend over last night, she just walked over after school, had supper, they visited, etc and then Stud took her home around 8:30. He will spend a weekend at a friend's house, a friend will spend a weekend or a few nights here and he is fine with that. Seeing friends at church etc. Sees no reason to go out to a movie/mall etc without us. Whereas Jock is chomping at the bit for us to allow him to! LOL

He seems to really be able to look ahead and realise the consequences of his actions. I am very proud of who he is becoming and know I can trust him explicitly. He has lied 4 times in his life, was caught every time and cried miserably and was harder on himself than his father and I. So far, besides health issues and a bit of attitude, he is an easy son to raise.

There is much more, but I need to move on to Jock. Maybe tomorrow.

Have a great weekend!!!

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happyandblue2 said...

Sounds like he is turning out just fine. I really enjoyed the posts on him..