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I don't think I can post the picture I spoke of in my last post. I can't find it!!!

Ok, so I knew I was pregnant with Jock, long before any test results would agree with me. We women know our bodies, right???

Finally, the blood test revealed that yes indeed, I would have another baby in June of 1995.

I was sick. Very sick. I was so sick we decided we would only have two kids. I was sure I would not be able to live through something like my pregnancies again. I am sure I was just as sick with Brain, but since I had to work for a while, I had no choice but to "suck it up". EEEEEeeewwwww, that can be taken in a bad way.

Let's carry on and get that awful vision to go away.

So yes, since I was so sick and we thought we would only have these two, we agreed to find out what this baby was. I wanted one of each and thought that if it was another boy, I better find out now and give myself time to get used to the idea of no daughter. I have since matured past that silliness, but at the time, was very serious about it. My parents were down from Canada and my Mom was in the room with us when we found out. That is a very special memory for me!!!

He was also 11 days overdue. I was induced with him also, just as I was with Brain. Opppsss, almost typed his real name in there. LOL!! I was even going to give birth to them in the same room, when I got a nasty prank phone call. The staff looked things up in the records and apparently the same thing had happened when I was in there giving birth to Brain. Maybe there is something with that particular room, but they said it had only happened with me. Weird. So they moved me.

So he was born easily, a few pushes and there he was. We took him home and started the adventure with two children. I remember when he was about 4 days old, trying to go get groceries. I was near tears. I could not figure out how to get him strapped to me (I have never understood those people who carry small babies around in those car seats, you know??? I want the baby next to me as much as possible) and get Brain out and then get them both settled and back into the car after we were done shopping. It was quite a feat somehow. That was a scorcher of a summer, so I remember standing there and being over tired and VERY HOT. YUCKY. I don't like hot.

By the time he was 4 months old, he was the weight Brain had been at two years. Yes, you read correctly. That is not a typo. I remember he could not get enough food and I would sit trying not to cry, I was so happy. When he was 10 and 11 months old, he and I got up at 5 every morning. He had a HUGE bowl of oatmeal, a banana, and toast. By eight o'clock, he was tuckered out and went for his nap. Brain got up and he and I had time together while Jock slept.

He had strawberry blonde hair that stuck straight up on his head. Similar to a baby with FAS. That is Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, for those who do not know. I had many foster brothers and sisters who had that. His hair reminded me of that. This lasted a few months and then the red went out of it and it was laying straight against his head, white blonde.

He was always very interested in cars, trucks, etc. He was a typical boy in that way. Brain had never cared, but Jock would sit and babble to his toy trucks, stroke them lovingly and just chatter away to them for as long as 45 minutes. It amazes me how early their personalities are clearly shown.

If Brain was in the room, Jock never took his eyes off of him. It was SO CUTE!. Brain ate it up too, he loved the adoration:) Man, those were the good ole days!! Brain would be talking about something and walk past Jock. Jock would keep his eyes on Brain and try to eat anything that went near his face! LOL It was SO FUNNY!! He was just sitting there, but if I leaned over, or someone reached for something, he would try to eat them and then look all timid and ashamed when he realised that whatever it was, was not food:)

We moved from here to SC when Jock was 6 weeks short of his 2nd birthday. I told him I was going to write about him here and he forbid me from telling some of the adorable little phrases he would say when he was learning to talk.

A few things I CAN tell though. Within the first few weeks of being there, any time he saw a Van that looked like our good friend's from here, he would freak out. It was adorable but very sad. We would drive along and he saw a van like their's. He would start bouncing in his seat and smile and wave to anyone who may see and say with a huge contented sigh "Go home now!!!!! BYE!! Ok. Ok, go home now." The van would get farther from us and he would frantically start calling his friends Ashley and Johnny, convinced that they were in there and for some reason were leaving him.

"AAAAAAAAA-EEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! Joh-eeeeeeee! GO HOME NOW!! GO HOME NOW!!!!!!!!!!" He would be patting his chest frantically, because he could not say his name, but was trying to get them to see that HE wanted to go home now with them.

This happened almost every time I took the boys out anywhere. After about a month, he quit. It was so hard for me, though. Because I wanted to come home here also. I wondered what was going on in his little mind. I knew that he honestly believed that was them. I can't imagine how confused he must have been, wondering why they would always drive away and ignore him.

So I will continue this soon. I have pictures to go along with these, but it will be a while before I can get them on here. So now that I think about it, I may just wait a while to continue the posts on the kids.

I don't want to delete this or save it, so sorry. Will talk about other things until I get photos arranged that will go with these posts. Maybe you all don't care, but I do:)

That is it for now!!!

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