Friday, June 16, 2006

Brain is MEAN.


The friends Brain is staying with made him call us last night. I have been talking with L (the man. His wife is D. Their kids are A (19), JT(14) and J(9)) off and on and he keeps me posted. He had told Brain that he needed to call home and I guess he finally decided to do it last night.

He was pleasant and polite at first. He spoke with his little sister for a while. That is great because she has been missing him horribly and begging to talk to him. I have not wanted to bother him and knew if I was not hearing from him, it was a great sign, meaning he was having a wonderful holiday. It was lovely to hear his sweet little voice again though. It is starting to change a bit here and there and I cling to the little boy part of it, since that will be gone forever soon.

Evidently told Princess he loves her. I know this because when she asked him if he was ready to talk to me again, she said, "BYE!!! I love you" and then giggled and said "JINX! You owe me a soda!" They always say this when they say the same thing at the same time.

So I was telling him I would let him go, I know there was fun to be had and he didn't want to talk with his old Mum for too long. He chuckled and agreed with me. I am actually a bit surprised. He is known for being a "Mama's boy" and is very clingy still, at almost 14 years old. I am pleased that he is not at all homesick and is having a great time, not wanting to come home. I really wanted this for him. Still, I thought he would be a bit more...I dunno. Homesick or something. When we were there together last weekend, if I was not around he always asked A where I was. Often I was gone somewhere with her Mother. She thought it was cute that he wanted to know where Mummy was all the time.

I asked him when he thought he may come back, because I hoped to see him again before I leave for Calgary next week. He got very snippy and said "GOOD BYE!" and went to hand the phone to L. I told him to calm down, wait, we just need to talk. I want to make this quick and not harp on anything, but we have plans to make and it would be appreciated if he assisted, and let me know ROUGHLY when he thought he could come home. He said when he is 21 and again tried to give L the phone. I laughed and said that would be nice for him, I am sure. But seriously, when do you think you will be back??


That was it. No "I Love you", which he dishes out easily to me and his sister. No thanks for bringing me here. No Good night. Nothing.


I still have not figured out what on earth I did wrong!?!?


I find it funny that he said 21. Just a few weeks ago he and Jock and their father and I were discussing what age they would move out at. They both say they will live with us as long as we let them. We keep trying to tell them that before they know it, that will change and they will want to move out and get as far away from us as they can. They insist we are out of our minds and that would NEVER happen.

I guess Brain is discovering just how on the mark we were, sooner than he thought! teehee

Still...he is MEAN! *sniff*


2HB2 said...

At least he's having a good time. You can always make him feel guilty when he gets back home,tee,hee..

Jimmy said...

I agree with works sometimes.

islandarts said...

Teenagers, you can't live with them and you can't live with them.
LOL I'm kidding. He was probably self concious because someone was listening in on his conversation.

BTW, about that painting i did- those are sparkles from a special paint I have. Paige's room however is nothing to write home about... It should be though and this summer we are going to work on that.
I would have emailed you but you are very anonimous :0)