Wednesday, June 07, 2006

New hair

Princess and I both got our hair cut today! She has been so hot and we have been waiting until after the recital to chop it all off.

She looks SO SWEET like I knew she would. She has loved shaking it all over and feeling how light it is.

I got a trim and a colour. I had mine long for so long, but it seems that it just frizzes out too much. It is not all neat and curly like it used to be. I want it long enough to pull back off my face into a pony tail, but that never seems to happen. I like it this length.


2HB2 said...

Like the new hairdo's..

Library Mama said...

She is so beautiful!

I always say that no one appreciates little girls as much as mothers of three boys. ;)

I've enjoyed reading about all your family celebrations: the recital, the birthday party, even haircuts can be a celebration, can't they?

By the way, mom's haircut is also beautiful. As soon as school is out, I'm planning a trip to the hairdresser's too. No spare time until then!