Sunday, June 18, 2006

Race for the Cure

I was in Seattle early yesterday morning along with more than fifteen thousand other people. Some of us walked, some ran. We were raising money for Cancer Research. I think this happened in many of the major cities. I want to make it an annual event, that is for sure. Plan to take the husband and all the kids next year!

What a great experience it was! I went with a friend of mine who just lost her Mother last fall. She put up a good fight for more than eight years, and finally could not fight any more. She was young, just in her 50's. Never complained. What a sweet woman, we sure do miss her. She allowed my kids to call her "Grandma", since their grandparents live so far away.

On the way back, this same friend and I decided we needed to see a movie. So we went and saw "The Lake House" with Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock. Very good movie. There were actually men in the theatre crying, I was surprised. I didn't cry and I am a sap, so that was funny to me! LOL Only movie I have cried a lot in was that Nicholas Sparks one, "The Notebook". That one got me. The only other time I have cried close to that hard was last summer, when my baby brother died. And obviously that was far worse and lasted a lot longer, but that movie was a real "tear-jerker".

Talked to my Dad on the phone for over two hours today. He and both I LOATHE speaking on the phone, but we did it and of course enjoyed it. Only reason we quit was because our ears started hurting. He said his was getting numb:) LOL

My kids were annoyed because I was ignoring them. Stud had left for a much needed ride on his motorcycle and they were (mostly Princess) annoyed that I had the nerve to spend so much time on the phone. Part of it is I guess they are not used to it, since I avoid it at all costs:) LOL

Princess whined later "Why did you talk to Grandad for SO LONG!?!?!" I reminded her that she gets to see her Daddy every day and talk to him any time she wants. I would like to talk to my Daddy sometimes, too. That shut her up! LOL

So Brain is speaking to me again. It appears that he will return on Wednesday. He is not happy about it and asked if they can leave them at their house, come here to get his sister and then bring her back there to him! LOL They said that was fine, but of course his father and I said no. He is behind on school work and he needs to start and help with chores around here. Jock and I have been sharing Brain's load and I am willing to bet he has not lifted a finger while he has been on holiday.

He called his Dad for Father's Day today. When I walked in from church (we took two vehicles and I got home later than he did) he was talking on the phone to Brain. He asked him if he wanted to talk to me and Brain said no. I was shocked.

Later on, I had to call him to ask him what classes he wants to take next year. I went up to the middle school on Friday and am filling out the paper work IN CASE we enroll he and Jock in there. So I needed to know about various classes because since I have left things so long (can't decide if I want to put them in and am torn about it) I need to get things back to the office ASAP. When I called, he was fine and sweet, did not get upset and even told me he loves me. So I am not sure what is up with him! LOL

Lots more news, but I must go and help Stud get our yearbook pages done. Our homeschooling group is trying to get our yearbooks published and Stud and I have left our pages to the last minute, like we do every year! We are SO BAD!

Hope all you Fathers out there had an awesome day and that you women pampered your husbands!


2HB2 said...

Glad Brain is speaking to you again. You should look for a less fun vacation spot for him for next year,tee,hee.
The yearbook for homeschoolers sounds like a great idea..

Egan said...

My wife wants to see The Lake House. I guess I should get ready to cry based on what you shared. Congrats on doing the run on Saturday. It's a great cause.

l said...

Nice job on running the Race for the Cure. My good friend's mother (she's more like my sister) died from breast cancer when Julia was just 4. Some day I'll get myself into enough shape to do something like the Race. 'Til then I'll buy the stamps.

Lowa said...

Yes, well let's be reasonable. You can't run OR walk with a burnt bum, can you?? I agree with Egan, I think it is your shoulder:) LOL

Sorry about your friend. That is SO SAD. My mother's mother died giving birth to her, so she has NO memories at all. I hope your friend has some memories??

It was pretty emotional. There was a girl no more than eight years old who was in front of us. It said on her shirt that she was running in memory of her mother, who died last March. It is just WRONG.

Trust me, I am NOT in shape!! I walked every step. But stamps are good:)

l said...

It really was my bum!!

Very sad about that little girl. And there are so many others out there like her. :(