Monday, June 19, 2006

Freaky cats

While I was in Seattle on Saturday, Stud took our two cats to the vet. Along with the younger three kids.

We got these cats a few days before Christmas in 2001. Brothers from the same litter. They look very similar and it took me a long time to be able to tell them apart.

One of them was acting funny on Friday. He was sneezing constantly, couldn't meow and had his mouth open all weird all the time. He went off by himself and didn't seem to want anyone around. Princess was crying and Clown, Jock and even Stud were very worried. Stud told me that he would take him to the Vet the next day, if I could get an appointment. He actually wanted to take them that night, but it was close to 5 when we discovered how bad the poor guy was feeling.

I was surprised. Stud didn't want the cats in the first place and is very much against spending money on animals. Or anything that is not important to him, for that matter! LOL Apparently, the cats are important to him. The kids and I were pleasantly surprised!!!

I made an appointment to just take them both in, since they are due for their shots anyway.

That night, I went to check on him. I saw something sticking out of his one nostril. I held him down and pulled quickly. It was a 7 inch long blade of grass!?!?!? He felt instantly better and seemed like himself again. I cannot imagine how uncomfy that was! I was thinking that likely when he puked up some grass the other day, it had gotten in his nasal passage.

Saturday morning while I was still down in Seattle, I called Stud to see how the visit to the Vet went. What happens is what I thought. When they vomit the grass up, sometimes it slips over the palate and gets into the nasal area. During all my years of living on a farm with countless animals and being a Vet Tech, I had never heard of or seen such a thing!!! He said the Vet said it is very common and they usually need to put them under to get the grass out. The Vet said that I saved us a lot of money by pulling it out myself.

So I will post some baby pics (and maybe recent ones) of our beloved kitties.

Must take Clown to the Doc today, he is not feeling very well.

Alright, things are messing up. It will only let me post this one and I need to get off of here. Enjoy! Weren't they precious!?!?!


2HB2 said...

Yuck. The grass thing not the cats.
Did you check Clowns nose for grass. It may save you a trip to the doctor..

clairesgarden said...

nice kitty's,
hope Clown is ok too.
good for you doing the run thing in Seattle, I did the glasgow 10k and 5k for the last three years but decided last year was the final time I was doing it, legs ache, back aches, head aches.. would prefer to cycle or paddle to raise money.

elmer said...

Interesting. Thanks for the tip. I've just been to the vet too.

Library Mama said...

Hope Clown is okay.

I had the same idea as 2hb2. Hope Clown didn't have a blade of grass up his nose!

The Sub Committee said...

Ouch... I bet that would have hurt... a big blade of grass up the nose...? Yikes!

Jimmy said...

Hope Clown is ok...Did you check his nose?

Lowa said...

You guys are hilarious! LOL

I ended up not taking Clown to the doc. He was too busy riding his new scooter that he saved birthday money for.

He said he felt better. Has been complaining of a sore throat off and on for over a week. Has been coughing a lot. No fever and eating, driking and being as active as ever. So I saved myself a trip and we went to the park instead:) LOL