Thursday, June 01, 2006


I am SO IRRITATED when my kids do stuff like this. Following is a conversation that just occurred between Princes and I:

P- Remember when Billy stuck that thing up his nose??

Me- Who is Billy??

P- Remember?? That guy??

Me- to stay calm. Just tell me a bit more and maybe I can remember.

At this point, she is getting highly frustrated. She and Jock are very bad for this. If you don't know what they mean INSTANTLY, they often get mad and stomp away and won't even tell you a bit more. I am teaching them not to do this.

P- When he was going to make cookies???

Me- Blank look

P- *sigh* And then he stuck that cookie flipping thing up his nose???

Me- Ummmmmm...tell me a bit more? Who is this again??

P- BILLY! He pulled out a huge booger when he stuck that up his nose, remember??

Me- Who is Billy!?!?!?!?

P- From "The Adventures of ________ and Billy"!!! YOU KNOW!??!!? ON TV!?!?!?! (I don't recall the precise title).

Me- Honey, Mummy doesn't watch that show.

P- (Very agitated by now) YOU KNOW!?!?!? Brain was telling you about it in the van that time!?!?!?


What is up with that??

Do any of you people's kids do that???

She was REALLY upset that I didn't know who Billy was and didn't remember Brain telling me about it one day, who knows HOW LONG ago!??!?!

She and Jock do this many many times daily. Brain and Clown are not so bad for it. They have more patience and don't get annoyed nearly as quickly. Although all of them do some of it to a small degree. They remember so much and can't understand that I have many countless things going on in this noggin and can't possibly recall in great detail who said what, when, where and what they looked like when they did/said it. *sigh*

Just now, as I type this, she is sitting here with Brain and Clown. They are waiting for Jock to finish his chores and Stud and I to play hide and seek with them all in the house here. And they are all talking at once. Asking each other "OH!! Remember this!?!?!?" and then stating what it is. Luckily, the others will shout "OH YEAH!! And then he said___________!!!" and they all laugh and are pleased.

Thank goodness they have each other and don't have to rely on this old Mum for such important things.

It still ticks me off though!!!


l said...

Bugger! I have a theory on this (I actually have many theories):

We only use 10% of our brains, b/c we don't know how to use the rest or something like that (the beauty of my theories is that they're really conceptual - details? Whatevs!). So there is only so much we can fit into that 10% - like RAM on your computer. So stuff gets filtered according to its relevance/importance to us. Billy of the booger pulling, up the nose kitchen utensil fame? Not so much.

clairesgarden said...

I think I have said this before. .you have the patience of a saint!! I think they must believe what they are saying is so important that nothing else matters, and they can't get beyond what they think to your point of view, but thats just what kids do, I remember being so absorbed in horses that I would never join in with what the family were doing, couldn't they see horses were more important than anything? my mother can't even recall the name of the horses I used to ride 35 years ago, can you imagine? what an irritating child I must have been!!!!

2HB2 said...

I always just say yes, I remember, chuckle and change the subject.
If that doesn't work I clutch my stomach ,run to the bathroom and stay there until they go away..

Jimmy said...

"YES" I remember well...I have two boys that did that when they were that they have grown some...13 and 15 they still do it, but not as can drive a person nuts!

l said...

2hb2 - I'm gonna try that one with my boyfriend...and my boss...and my mom....

Lowa said...

L- Good point. LOL

Claire- The person who has the patience of a Saint is the woman who runs the dance studio my daughter takes at. We have discussed this before. I am blown away by this woman. Even though I have given her large sums of money, I think I need to get her a Starbucks gift card or something. I honestly have NO IDEA how (or why??) she does this. The recital is this weekend and it is flawless. Somehow. She has about 35 different dances she has choreographed...anyway. Maybe I will post about it! Funny about you and horses. I know. My oldest has a photographic memory and gets peeved when the rest of us don't recall details of every thing we ever look at. He is with video games as you must have been with horses:)

2hb2- The first suggestion is tempting. Great idea. But they would figure it out. The second one I need to try! :)

Jimmy- Really?? they get better?? I HOPE SO!!! YOu have given me hope!

clairesgarden said...

lol, sure it gets better as they older, sometimes I can talk for a a whole 15 mins now without mentioning a horse. . . . .
actually I think I merely changed my passions for gardening and kayaking,
I really mean you must have great patience, you are homeschooling four beautiful and bright children and you DESERVE HIGH PRAISE,

Library Mama said...

Hi Lowa,
I think maybe it happens because kids just don't get that not everyone knows all the thoughts in their own brain. They get frustrated that you won't even try to figure out what they're thinking, when in reality, it's often impossible for us to do so. It's a bit of a developmental thing. Once they grow up a bit and become a little less egocentric, they realize that you can't read their mind.
....And thank goodness for that! Once my kids are teenagers, I don't think I want to be able to read their minds. ;)