Monday, June 05, 2006

Quotes and stuff

I will post some news and photos from this past weekend later on today. I just got done yoga and need to get in the shower.

Right now, I wanted to share some quotes from Clown. Also, something a friend of his said to him this weekend at his party.

His friend was helping him open the envelope of one of his cards. Clown has trouble opening those and his buddy was helping. He said to Clown "Watch and learn, pal. Watch and learn." This child is tiny for his age, and coming from any seven year old, it is amusing. This kid is a hoot, more on him later.

Just now Clown was trying to take a toy he got out of it's package. It is a Star Wars figure. He said, "I don't wanna hurt you little guy, so just work with me, alright??"

About 45 minutes ago I was doing my cardio for today. Normally I try to get up and go run/walk at the track at the school near our house. If I don't get up in time, then I run up and down our 14 stairs. Clown and Princess were eating breakfast as I did this and Clown confided to Princess that he wondered why their mother is so weird. I told him I am weird to add excitement to their life.

He brightened up and said he guessed that makes sense, because I sure do add excitement to day to day life. Then he compared it to a commercial he saw recently on TV.

He shared this with me-

"It is like that hotel commercial. There is an old fat man floating around in a floaty thing in this pool. It is all boring music and stuff and it says 'ordinary hotel pool' and then it shows a pool where kids are having fun and there are all kinds of toys and fun things to do. The guy on the commercial yells 'NICK HOTEL POOL!!!!!!!'. You are like the Nick Hotel Pool. You are certainly not boring."

The way he explained it was precious, I am sure you had to be there to hear how he did it.

Stay tuned for photos from his party and baby girl's recital!


2HB2 said...

Kids say the strangest things. They are like little adults, tee,hee..

Jimmy said...

Darn...2hb2 beat to it....I was going to say

l said...

How cool that he knows how to use a simile! And he's only 7? WHOA - does he have a blog, too?

P.S. Good for you for getting your exercise when/where you can. Better than I'm doing, that's for sure. Does lifting my laptop to put it away count as strength training?

Lowa said...

Yes, L, it does:) Every little bit helps:)

Yes our Clown is quite the little guy. His sister is not even close to reading yet at 5 1/2. He has been reading since he just turned four and I overheard him telling her today how everyone learns at their own pace and not to worry about it. Was very sweet:)

Been meaning to read your blog and comment soon. Couldn't even post more today on here like I wanted to! Hopefully tomorrow.

clairesgarden said...

amazing! one of your own children admiting they appreciate you? in your hearing? treasure that moment and store it against all future doom and gloom!!!! you know, when they are being normal and giving you a hard time!!!