Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Life without Brain

Brain and I traveled to the other side of the state this past weekend. I will tell the story of why later.

I left him there and the friends he is staying with will bring him back in a week or so. Whenever he says he wants to leave. They will then take Princess back with them and she can vacation for a week. When we leave to go get Princess, we will bring back their 9 year old daughter to stay with us and perhaps leave Jock and Clown at that time. Haven't hammered out the details yet.

It is SO WEIRD without Brain here. He is a quiet guy, so it surprises me how much quieter it is without him here. He is working on writing a trilogy and took a fun little notebook that one of my brothers got him a few years ago with him. He uses it to jot down ideas, characters' names, etc. He is anxious to get some peace and quiet and really get going on his writing.

The brother who gave it to him as a gift is a published author, so it is extra fun. I think Brain dreams of following in his Uncle's foot steps. They e-mail back and forth fairly often and Brain is really enjoying that. That same Uncle teaches Creative Writing at a College in South Dakota, and enjoys it when Brain shares his writing with him. He has said he would love for Brain to be in his college classes and Brain beams with pride when he hears that.

I forgot that Stud and I have counseling tonight. Must get ready to leave for that. The younger three kids are outside building a fort and then I will take them to Smiley and Giggles' house. I called their mother in a panic this morning, wondering if there was any way she could watch the kids for us. Normally we take Jock and he waits and reads in the waiting room while Brain babysits the younger two. I felt bad asking her, because they are in the process of listing their house and leaving on a six week vacation. She said she could do it and I asked if she was sure she could. I was shocked and said "You can!?!?" She said, "No, I can't. But I am a good friend, so I will make it work."

What would I do without incredible friends???


Jimmy said...

Sounds like you have your summer planned out...friends are great, sometimes.

2HB2 said...

That's an interesting idea with the kids. Having one away at a time.
Do the adults get to vacation this way also..

Lowa said...

2hb2- I WISH! We never had a honeymoon and have only gone on about 3 vacations with the kids in 16 years. None at all for just the two of us except a few over nighters.

But just me?? Without him!?!? FUN!!! I have daydreamed about that before, but don't want him to take it the wrong way and be hurt and all that jazz. I just want AWAY FROM EVERYONE sometimes, ya know?? I can't imagine.

Library Mama said...

Brain sounds like a wonderful kid. Well, all of your kids sound wonderful, but he seems just a little bit extraordinary.

I hear ya on the holidays away from everyone. Wouldn't it be great to have just a weekend all to yourself?

Maybe in our next lives, eh? ;)

clairesgarden said...

there used to be programme on called 'grace under fire' she did an episode when she sat in the midst of her three children shouting and fighting while she painted a pidture, she had learned to find her personal space within herself. I know that was only a television programe with a happy ending but its something I try to do, and it has brought moments of peace within the 'its all happening'