Tuesday, June 06, 2006


What a crazy weekend! Recital, birthday party and someone coming to paint in the entry way of the house. YIKES!!!

The Spring Recital is what we look forward to all year!!! Well...Princess and I do:)

They have one in mid December. It is just in the little basement auditorium of the old studio that lessons are in. The admission is a dozen holiday cookies and the costumes are always provided. It is always precious!

This is the big one! Ten bucks a ticket, rented backdrops, professionally recorded. It is at one of the local high schools and is done four times. One show Friday night, two on Saturday and one on Sunday. Seventy five dollars for costumes, thirty five for photos, thirty seven for the DVD, something for flowers or whatever you choose to buy for the dancer, etc. Adds up quickly.

Last year was the Wizard of Oz. It was alright. I enjoyed it but admitted to hoping for it to end after Princess or any of the other little girls I knew were not on stage!! I expected the same this year. Exciting for the dancers and their families(to a point), but boring for anyone else.

I was blown away. It was MUCH better than last year.

I took the boys to the Friday night performance. It was called "In the Library with Hans Christian Anderson". They did four stories. The backdrop was like a huge library and these older ballet students dressed like librarians danced out and then it was like the entire thing was them reading stories to little kids. There was "The Ugly Duckling" (we know the girl who had the lead role. Her older brother and Brain were great friends when Brain attended public school) and that was where Princess had her first dance. She and her class were "Chickabiddy Shortshanks" doing their tap number.

The teacher tends to have her come out first, since she takes it all so seriously and pays attention so well. She knows Princess will go where she needs to go. Some of the other little girls just go half way, into mid stage and then stare around and don't even start dancing. Princess goes all the way over like she is supposed to:) I am honestly not just saying that because she is my child:) LOL She really pays close attention. Even when she had just turned four and was doing it, she knew where to go and what to do:) So she came dancing out first. I wish I could show a quick video. Maybe I can get Stud to put a 30 second clip on here or something.

Anyway, then it was "The Little Mermaid". After that, something about a Matchstick girl. I am not familiar with that story. Princess and her class did their ballet number then, as Christmas Trees. We had to leave soon after that because Poor Clown had diarrhea and he and I kept on disrupting everyone by getting up all the time to go to the bathroom. He and I missed so much of it anyway. Jock was whining about being hungry and when I had spoken with Princess during the intermission, she said she was starved. So I figured we may as well go home.

I had left Stud home so he could weed and clean in peace. We had to prepare for Clown's party the next day. He had tickets for the last performance, on Sunday afternoon. I wish so bad that I had planned better and bought more tickets. I had no idea I would enjoy it this much! The boys (including Clown) were really upset that we had to leave early. Even though Jock was hungry, he told me later, he would have stayed. They wanted to go see it again SO BAD that they were willing to spend their own money!!! It was sold out. When I dropped her off on Saturday afternoon, her teacher put us on the waiting list for Sunday. There is no way we would get in. I can't wait for the DVD to be finished.

Her brothers and I got her a stuffed bear dressed in a Ballerina outfit. She loves it! She says we need to go shopping to find tap shoes for it too:) LOL Her dad got her pink flowers and she was thrilled with that. After he gave them to her and they came home and everything, I was taking her hair down from being in a bun. She asked, "Did you tell Daddy to get me flowers or did he think of it on his own??"

*GULP* Here we go. I wondered if it would matter that much to her. I did what I tend to do in situations like this. Answer the question with a question of my own! I asked her what she thought had happened. She said she thought I told him to do it, because she didn't think he would think of that on his own. I just smiled and said that I am sure he would think of it on his own, but I had indeed reminded him to try and get some.

She is getting too smart for her own good. Stud and I planned it all out. We did not want to pay the high prices for all the flowers that they have available at the show. So we planned on him going and getting some from the grocery store while I was doing her hair and getting her ready. Then he would hide them in the trunk of the car, take her into the school, then go out and get them from the car and have them ready to present to her later. So she would not wonder where he was going when he left, he and I said he was getting he and I some coffee from Starbucks. I think we over did the act a little. She was on to us! Little fart!!!
Anyway, I will post some photos of her from this weekend. Maybe later today I can post about Clown's birthday.


2HB2 said...

She is such a cute princess. And if that is you in the first photo so are you..

Sandy said...

How adorable is that!! I must say...the princess looked marvelous:)

Lowa said...

2HB2- You are too kind!

Sandy- DO NOT look at the photos of my yard if you read the post on Clown's birthday. I am appalled at the state of the yard. Especially when your's is amazingly gorgeous!

PLEASE, I beg you, turn a blind eye. Or else come down here and fix it for me??? *grin*