Friday, June 23, 2006


It has been more chaotic than usual around here.

Jock turned eleven yesterday. Pretty uneventful. He wants no party or anything, just cash. No cake. Nothing.

So I bought him a grocery bag full of junk food. He chose anything he wanted and wants to have one friend over soon to help him eat it as they watch movies. He wanted him over yesterday, but his parents need to talk about it and we had out of town guests over. So it wasn't the greatest time.

We got him a balloon and a card with a hundred dollar bill in it. He was so tickled! I bought him a hat he wanted at the Motorcycle shop we went to yesterday. That was what he wanted to do for his birthday. Go to that store. He and I go once in a while for "special time" just together. That is what he chooses to do. He wanted Clown to go with him and so I took Jock, Clown and JT, our friends 14 year old son. We spent over an hour there, with the guys climbing on the dirt bikes, motorcycles, etc. Then we had lunch at McDonalds and it was back home to hang around with our friends. My friends D, L and I took him to see MI 3 last night. He had seen it, as had L and I, but D had not. Jock was not about to complain! We had to leave Stud home to watch all the kids. It would be too much for JT and Brain.

I think he had a good day. Told him when I get back from Canada next week he can have a real "lazy day" like I always do for them. Felt strange in a way, just like any ordinary day.

Was sweet though. Last night, since we took D and L's car to the movie, I was in the back seat with Jock. He was cuddling all against me and very sweet and affectionate. Not used to me being able to sit with him, since I am always the driver. I think that was pretty neat for him:) The things that make kids happy!!

So they took my baby girl away this morning. We are not sure when we will go and get her. She will have SO MUCH FUN. They are much more active than we are. They camp a lot and just go and explore and find fun things to do. I want to do that often, but I guess I don't want to all that bad, because I don't often end up doing all that I plan to. I think the prospect of taking kids all over by myself is too overwhelming or something. Stud has no desire at all. So anytime our kids are with this family, they have a blast!

I will post a picture of her snuggled in the back seat of their car in between J and JT with her pillow, her bible and playing J's gameboy. Not at all sad to be leaving her family. Which is awesome, I am glad she will not be all homesick etc. They stayed two nights here, and even with her parents here, J was not too pleased. She was scared in Princess's room and just wasn't relaxed and happy. So I think our plan to have her stay a while, may not actually happen. Hopefully Princess will not end up being homesick once she gets there and it really hits her no brothers or parents are with her. She has never gone anywhere without at least one of us with her, so it should be interesting.

I am off to my native land in a few hours. YAHOO!!!!

Young Mr. J is doing really well. We had a bit of a scare when D, L and crew arrived with Brain and had a bit of a sickness going on. I felt the start of something in the back of my throat and was terrified I would have to postpone my trip to meet wee little Mr. J. I called my brother to ask him what he thought. I am so scared of any sickness near newborns. He discussed it with my SIL and they agreed we would carry on as planned. I feel totally fine, took a bit of Vit C yesterday morning and have been right as rain ever since. I don't often get sick, so this was a bit surprising.

Oh yes! Nice to have Brain home. He did not take care of his skin condition and is a huge flaky mess. *sigh* So I am getting after him about that.

Off to pack, will update when I return! CANADA HERE I COME!!!


Mommy of Many said...

Thanks for your comments. When I can, I want to read your blog!
God Bless!

l said...

How sweet that Jock was cuddling wiht you because he rarely gets to actually sit by you in the car. Don't kids have such a way of surprising you?

I hope Princess's trip goes well for her. And that you have a great time in Canada! Can't wait to hear about your trip.

Library Mama said...

I hope you have a great trip up here to your home and native land to visit your new nephew.

Your Princess and my #3 sound so much alike. He's never had the opportunity to go away on a trip like Princess's, but I'm sure his attitude would be much the same.

Must be nice to have Brain back. :)

2HB2 said...

Happy Birthday to Jock.
And have a great time in Canada. Just don't mention the Stanley Cup loss, tee,hee..

clairesgarden said...

hope you have nice time in Canada, my friends are just moving from Seattle to Nelson.

Lowa said...

Claire, My Aunt and Uncle live in Nelson. I have never been, but anywhere in BC is just breathtaking. The view of the Rockies from the airplane yesterday was just gorgeous!

*sigh* Man, I miss Canada:( Weird to think I was just there at this time yesterday...