Friday, June 09, 2006

Cuteness from small ones

Yesterday Brain was playing a computer game. He shouted out to anyone who would listen:

"YES! I finally found the Derigan Paintbrush!!!!"

Princess and Clown were sitting with me, making clay figures. Princess gasped and then looked excitedly at Clown.

"Did you hear that?? He got the arrogant paintbrush!! Good for him, huh Clown??"

Their counselor got a kick out of her the other day.

She seldom talks to her, mostly it is the older two who feel the need to sort through their feelings etc. She asked to speak with the counselor and when we got in the office she blurted "Apparently, I have many thoughts floating around in my head right now! I can't sort through them to decide which to talk about first."


2HB2 said...

LOL. She is far too smart for an ordinary counselor..

Jimmy said...

Kids do some strange things...

clairesgarden said...

'many thoughts', bless her!
love all the photographs of the party and the recital, I'd love to see a clip from that.