Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Safe and Sound

Yes, he has arrived!

I was speaking to one of my brothers on the phone. He is having women trouble and was just sharing some of it with me. As I was talking to him, the call I had been waiting for all day came in! It was R, calling to say MR. J has arrived. That is what I have decided to call the new nephew. His initials are M.R.J anyway, so works well:)

So R told me quickly the stats and I told him I was talking with our other brother, S. He seemed pleased that I could then relay the info on to S. He sounded exhausted. Knowing him, he is a basket case worrying about his wife. Later in the day, when I spoke with him again, this was confirmed.

I was crying with joy and R got a good chuckle from that. When I went back to S, since I was crying, I worried him and he asked "What is wrong??" Sheesh! What a spaz I am. Oh, funny I say that. My brother S?? His nickname was Spaz all through high school. Hmmm...we ARE a lot alike...

Anyway, go here to see how cute we used to be. R (the one who just had a son) is the one sitting beside me. S (the Spaz) is the one in white behind me. The other one beside him is B, the coolest guy on the planet. LOL I seriously used to worship the poor guy. No pressure!!!

He is the one who has three kids. I keep meaning to ask him if I can post pictures of his kids on here. Maybe I should ask them?? They ARE 19, 18 and 16 after all. So if you take the time to read that post (since many of my readers have not read this blog for long and may not have read it then) I will clear something up. The L I refer to is Brain. B is Jock. R is Clown and obviously Bee is Princess. That is what I originally called them when I started the blog.

Anyway, back to MR. J. Apparently he is quite the little guy. Or, should I say large guy?? He was eight pounds and seven ounces. One week early. Large head, ears and hands. Can't wait to see him. Sounds like quite a combination together. They say part of his face is lopsided or something, since he had his head squished into his shoulder for so long, little goof! Said they are watching it, but are sure it is just fine and will work itself out within a few days. When I talked to my parents about it, they say it is not even noticeable unless he turns his head a certain way.



l said...

Oh, YAY! Congratulations on the newest addition to your family! :)

clairesgarden said...

congratulations! glad all is well and blessing to the new parents.

Library Mama said...


Best wishes to your brother and his wife.

Love the picture of you with your brothers. Too cute!

Jimmy said...

Congratulations...I bet you feel a lot of joy now.

2HB2 said...

Congratulations to your brother and his wife..