Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Edge of my seat

That is how I am sitting. My sweet little Spanish Sister-in-law is being cut open as I sit here. My young nephew is being extracted and hopefully the phone will ring shortly, telling me of his safe arrival and that she is recovering peacefully and well! AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

I get there on Friday. I am going to clean house, cook, change diapers and let her sleep as much as she can. I will help her get used to the breastfeeding thing and just be there to help in any way I can! I cannot wait! Getting some good ole Canadian junk food won't hurt also!

My brother has instructed me that no photos of them nor their son can appear on my blog. *sniff*. JERK. teehee

I understand totally, but wish I could show them off. They are the most gorgeous couple, if I do say so. No question how good looking this little chap will be. They both have jet black hair and black eyes...wait. Her eyes are very dark, I am thinking my brother's may actually be a bit darker than mine...can't recall. We both have the darkest brown, almost black. Our other two brothers eyes are just brown. Plain brown. Poor guys. LOL Just kidding.

Anyway, we are all excited. We have not had a new member of the family born since my youngest, Princess. That will be six years in October. Wow, weird.

For me personally, it has been sixteen years since I have had a niece or nephew born, on my side. Our oldest brother's baby just turned sixteen last week. Her mother, his ex-wife, was pregnant with her at Stud and I's wedding.

Stud's brother and sister have had three in the past 4 years. We have another due in August from that side. The really interesting part is that my little nephew being born today, has the same name that Stud's sister is naming her son, who arrives in August. So our kids will have two cousins with the same name!

My brother and his wife are using the Spanish pronunciation, though. It is really special, because it was my baby brother's middle name. Right after he died last year, one of my first thoughts was that he would not see R and P's (bro and SIL) babies. They had only gotten married in 2003. He LOVED babies and was always thrilled when my parents would get more foster babies. He loved to help with them. Mum would just sit them in front of him on his wheelchair and he would just look around beaming at everyone. Like he was asking, "See how I can help?? See how cute they are??" So this young man's arrival is certainly bittersweet!

Alright, expect an update soon. This is a busy month for our family. We have SO MANY June birthdays!


Jimmy said...

Well I hope all goes well....my birthday was yesterday.

2HB2 said...

It's always great to have more children in the family. Especially if they are someone elses, tee,hee..

Library Mama said...

I hope everything went perfectly. Looking forward to hearing the details.

BTW, your Princess and my #3 were born same month, same year. Wow!

sillygirl said...

YAY you're coming back to Canada! lol. Enjoy yourself while you're up here!