Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Clown's Birthday Bash

He turned seven more than two weeks ago. However, we could not get any of the things we needed for the theme he wanted until just last Saturday. So the only weekend we could do it was the same weekend we had his sister's recital, a painter coming, and were going to have landscapers coming, but decided to try and do as much ourselves as we could, to save money.

It turned out fine. Can't often avoid chaos around here anyway. So why try, right???

He had a great time. He invited seven other boys. One RSVP'd that he could not attend and another one said they could, but then did not show up. Which is pretty common, I think.

So there were five guests. Two of which he plays with on a regular basis, the other three he had not seen since February when he quit his weekly classes. We have been trying to get together with them (one in particular) since then and nothing has worked with our schedules. Hopefully things will get easier and we can get together more often. You would never have known these boys had not seen each other in so long. They were as close and not shy as if they play together daily. This is unusual for Clown, who can be pretty reclusive and withdrawn.

This one boy (who incidently has the same first name as Clown. Clown goes by his middle name, so it is not confusing. Until I use Clown's full name when I am trying to get his attention. Then the other little boy looks at me like "What??") is a tiny little guy who makes up for it with his personality. This kid is hilarious. He is also very strong apparently and takes great pride and happiness in fighting with people.

I guess Jock made some comment months ago when he and Clown still attended the classes. This little guy was wrestling with kids when I came to pick Clown up and Jock made a comment to Clown. He said how annoying that kid was and how he was always beating on other kids. Little did he know at the time, that this was Clown's best friend. I guess it made an impression on Clown and he was eager for Jock to meet and get to know his friend.

After the party, Jock could not say enough about how "cool", "awesome", "funny" and "strong" this guy was. Clown just beamed and kept on saying, "I TOLD YOU!! Didn't TELL you he is awesome!?!?!?"

Wanted to yap more, but I just spent over an hour on the phone with my brother. We are trying to firm up plans for me flying up there to help when my wee nephew is born the 20th of this month:) I cannot wait! Must get the kids to bed, will try again soon...


Jimmy said...

You are one busy person....Do you ever find time for yourself?

2HB2 said...

Looks like a great time. Cool cake..