Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Five years difference

In looking through photos of my babies, I found some funny ones!

Look what difference five years makes!

Here is Princess in her bed a little more than five years ago -

And here she is, in the same room, with the bed in the same corner the crib was in. This was taken last week-

I love comparison things like this!


clairesgarden said...

these are lovely pictures Lowa, I am sure they will all be home safe and sound with you,

2HB2 said...

Great idea for pictures..

NTFrog said...

I don't see Hippo....???

Lowa said...

Claire- Thanks Claire! I am calmer now:)

Happy- Thanks. I love it!

C- For all the rest of you, "ntfrog" (nice choice, btw, C, I get yer meanin') is my friend C from The Northwest Territories. We met in grade two when we were seven years old. She is the one who sent that cute pink Hippo beside Big Bird there in the photo to Princess when she was a baby:) Princess LOVES it and must have it to go to sleep.

ANYWAY, Funny you mention Hippo. She is everywhere WITH Princess, so she had likely forgotten her in the Van or down in the Rec room or something. She was getting ready for bed, and usually that is around the time she panics and notices Hippo is missing and the frantic search begins. *sigh* THANKS A LOT FOR SENDING THAT TO HER BACK IN 2001, there! LOL

Maggie Ann said...

Oh how sweet! I see her room is just ever so special too. That tells me what a great Mom she has...=)