Friday, July 07, 2006

Spokane Trip Photos

Ok, I will try to keep the babbling down to a minimum with this post. Just wanted to share some photos of kids frolicking last weekend. I took many photos and had a tough time narrowing it down to share with all of you. I tend to over do it in this area.

First, Clown picked raspberries. Then we convinced Princess to try them with Cool Whip. She normally hates whipped cream of any kind, but she discovered that she loves Cool Whip with fresh raspberries!

Then, it was time to cool off in the neighbour's pool. Clown could not remember how to do a back float, so Brain worked with him a bit to remind him.

JT dove through this toy...

...and got stuck!

Big sister A tries to help.

A and Princess love each other. There is actually a kind of amusing story here. One time during Princess's stay, A was supervising she and J (A and JT's 9 year old sister) in the pool. Princess wanted to jump off the diving board and have A catch her. So they got it all figured out and Princess jumped. A got her but Princess was panicking. She was clawing at A and pushing her under! A could not get her head above water and for some reason Princess kept on pushing her under more and totally freaking out. We could laugh about it later, but it must have been scary. Princess was above water and could breathe just fine, but was so freaked that she couldn't figure out to relax for a few seconds and let A get above water for some air and them swim them both to the edge of the pool. Now that I think about it, I am not sure what finally happened. But obviously A is just fine. She lived to tell me the story!

Ok, now that made me want to add a photo of these two from almost four years ago. This was one Christmas when they came to our house. It was in 2002, so I guess Princess had just turned two and A would be almost sixteen. Not that you can see their faces all that well, but you can see how close they are. A is the big sister Princess would never have otherwise.

Ok, back on track:)

Alright, we were not back on track for long. I have been distracted by cheese. Princess came over here with a cheese sandwich, asking if she had eaten enough for dessert. Now I want some cheese!

I will do the rest of the photos (there are only 4 or 5 left) later on this weekend.

A person needs to have priorities, you know???


2HB2 said...

Liked the pictures. Now I wish I had a pool. Or a friend with a pool.
Or a friend with a pool and a cheese sandwich,tee,hee..

Jude said...

Love the photos.... and the one taken 4 yrs. ago reminds me of myself and my youngest sister...... we'd sit like that and I'd sing to her. Ahhh the memories!

Maggie Ann said...

All that water looks so inviting...its been a hot day hasn't it. You must be a close family....just the best kind..=)